and not a single fuck was given that day.

as far as life goes and takes shape, it is pretty predictable. graduation is quite soon, and after that I will make the my favorite mantra come real "get a job, get a car, a place by myself and finally get a life". although, as that day comes closer, and the end of year is way too soon then I am happy with, I find myself taken the straight road that I charted last year. no startup was founded and I am most certainly not going for the paid slavery called phd.

what I really want to do I to break loose. I have this dream of south america. just take a backpack and go there for half a year. and then go to mongolia. why mongolia? Cause it fucking awesome, to take time off and go to freaking mongolia. just pack my stuff and go.

tell me my imaginary friends, is this what happens when you didn't have teenage rebellion?


2010-10-05 в 00:34 


2012-05-10 в 17:50 

Du el darar chuchmek amerikatsi teenager tsit ?


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