Reagan Ties
Ronald Reagan changed the course of American politics and lifted American morale. It was no wonder then that his years in the White House were looked to by many as eight years of superior leadership. Yet some judged the Reagan years as a step back from the ideals American people upheld before, like helping the poor and balancing the budget. Although the opinions of the public split, all could agree that those eight years were colorful pages in the American history. Many symbols came to mind at the mention of Reagan and his administration, but few of them captured the complexity of this political figure. Yet, if one was to choose an image on a tie for an American Historical Association, scissors would be the most appropriate choice. Ronald Reagan cut his ties with the Democratic Party, riding on the edge of the eventual political shift to the right. He came to be known to the American public as the great tax-cutter, though it was not entirely true. He trimmed the government spending for social programs and he cutout a place for himself in the history of Soviet-US conflict.
Ronald Reagan was on the cutting edge of politics, preceding by more than a decade the eventual shift from liberalism to conservatism majority of Americans made. He was raised in a Democratic household, becoming a “passionate Roosevelt” admirer as a college student (Pemberton 14). Reagan maintained his ties to the Democratic Party until years after World War II. Then due a number of circumstances, he rapidly cut those ties, leaving many liberal organizations he supported in the early 1940s (Pemberton 30). By 1964, when he gave his famous speech “The Time for Choosing” during a campaign for Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan was an established conservative Republican (Pemberton 53). Still, the conservatives were a minority in Washington and only a small percentage of the American people, who were directly involved in the grassroots movement, were aware of this immerging political ideology (McGirr 113). But in four short years, the “political pendulum” swung to the right and promised to stay there for the next three decades (Brown 13). Whereas 1960s and 1970s were the years when many Americans, like Peggy Noonan, severed their ties to the Democratic Party, Ronald Reagan was already an established conservative. He was on the tip of a wave of the conservative movement, cutting out a new chapter in American politics.
Throughout his political career, Ronald Reagan became known to the public as a tax-cutter. Although he ran his 1966 with the promise of massive tax-cuts, to salvage the California’s budget, Reagan had to raise the income and sales taxes (Pemberton 73). The circumstances played into his hands; Californians praised the minimal property tax cut, but blamed the previous governor for the raised taxes (Pemberton 73). Reagan’s image as a “father of the growing tax revolt” emerged (Pemberton 5). He carried the same tax-cut scissors to the national arena, when he ran for president in 1980 election. As a president, even in sight of a growing deficit, he pushed through Congress the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, which ensured 10 percent decrease in income taxes for two years in a row, and many other similar tax cuts (Pemberton 102). Still Ronald Reagan had different reasons for slashing taxes. If as a governor, he rebelled against the burden of high taxation, as a president, reducing taxes was part of the economic strategy (Boyer 113). Whatever the reason might have been, cutting taxes was evidently an essential part of Ronald Reagan’s political image. Therefore, it is appropriate to have scissors as a symbol for his years in public office.
Ronald Reagan’s tendency to trim the government social spending was also a prominent aspect in his political career. As early as late 1940s he began to see the “evils of big government” (Pemberton 30). Reagan ran his 1966 campaign with promises of cutting back on government spending. He fulfilled those promises when he froze state hiring and cut the “expenditures by 10 percent across the border” in this first year as governor (Pemberton 73). But he did not only hack at spending, he trimmed existing programs, like the welfare system to “purify” as well as cut back the costs (Pemberton 79).Ronald Reagan carried to the White House the same mentality that the government was too big and spent too much. But on the national scale, the trimmings scissors turned into a butcher knife. Although Reagan advocated “prudent level” for government spending, the policy concerned only the social spending (Boyre 106). The goal was to cut the spending by more than $75 billion (Pemberton 98). By 1984, the Reagan administration promised to lay off 300,000 federal workers (Boyre 112). Small social programs like food stamps, school lunches, child nutrition, housing assistance, low-income energy assistance were roughly trimmed (Pemberton 140-141). Even education department and highway funds felt the nick of the scissors (Boyre 117). Yet at the same time as less fortunate Americans cried out for “adequate welfare” and “job programs”, Reagan upped the military spending (Ehrenreich 187). Since military spending was part of the federal budget, it would be inadequate to claim that Reagan’s scissors worked on the entire budget. He picked and chose which programs fell under the blade. Yet, it is evident that cutting social spending was a big part of the Reagan era.
Finally, Ronald Reagan cut out a unique niche for himself in the history of Soviet-US relationship. The administration had little interest in negotiating with the Soviets, until the defense build-up was well on its way (Fitzgerald 183). Ronald Reagan, a prominent Anti-Communist, viewed Soviet Union as an “evil empire” (Pemberton 150). Yet by 1983, Ronald Reagan saw the conflict in a new light. There were members of his administration who, like well-respected Weinberger, had “little interest in negotiating with the Soviets” (Pemberton 151). Reagan disregarded their old views in favor of starting to build Soviet- US relationship anew (Pemberton 161). He made his first cut with the former attitudes, even when he was accused of going soft on the communists (Pemberton 165). Reagan “pushed to open a dialogue with Moscow”, forging a better relationship with the leader of Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev (Pemberton 165). Together they worked on arms-control. In 1988, Ronald Reagan made a historical trip to the Soviet Union, declaring it no longer the “evil empire” it once was (Boyre 251). No other US president after World War II was able to get so far ahead in negotiations with the Soviets. Surely scissors were an appropriate symbol for a man who stubbornly sliced through opposition in the administration and cut out a unique place for himself in the history of Soviet-US conflict.
Although there were a number of symbols that could represent Ronald Reagan, scissors were the most appropriate. They represented his turn to conservatism decade ahead of the nation, his image as a tax cutter, and as a trimmer of social government spending. Finally the scissors symbolize how he cut a niche for himself in the history of the warring super powers. Therefore, no tie made to represent the Reagan era could exist without an image scissors proudly stitched on it.

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Best Day Ever

The concert was SOOOO awesome. I mean, it started out slow because two crappy opening bands played. One of them was Velvet Code. Literally, I was yawning during both acts and the only thing that kept me awake was looking around at all the freaks there. There were some ugly mofos there. Not to mention that a number of people looked they had an accident with a rainbow and it got all over their faces and clothes and hair. Some looked like they never put on eyeliner before. Losers. And others just had everything and anything pierced with every object imaginable.
But then.... MSI comes on. The opening song? Shut me Up. Then they go into Mastermind. But this time, I'm already losing my voice. Someone's elbow is in my kidneys because of course I have to be in the mosh pit, screaming my lungs out and singing with him. He calls us losers and freaks and fat fags and e scream for more. wonder how he keeps his hair up like that. Instead of the regular guitar chick, some fat guy was playing. Anyway, they played Never Wanted to Dance, Tornado, Stupid MF, Revenge, Straight to Video and a number of other songs. I swear, the two hours went by in a blink.
And guess what? In the middle of the show the lead singer started stripping. Yeah, he's kind of fugly, but he took off his shirt and shoes and the only thing that was in place were his tight tight jeans with a studded belt. He jumped he insulted us he sang. He gave a girl a tour of the stage for twenty bucks. The lucky bitch got to hold his hand and apparently that was the easiest 20 bucks he ever made without blowing anyone.
But the end SUCKED. They just upped and left. Didn't play encore. Didn't say good-bye. I was heart broken because I didn't even get to touch him. Some fat bitch in front of me wouldn't let me get closer to the stage. Anyway, after that, I bought a t-shirt. Rip off, but the t-shirt is majorly sweet. My friend bought a CD from the crappy first band Velvet Code, which had every song long and boring and about losing love. Ew.
And then we left, singing MSI songs on the way out.

@настроение: It's 3 am. She won't put out. Let's go make out with her friends. Make out with her friends.


MSI toight!!!!!!!!!

@настроение: like a fucking tornado


Finally solved my computer problems. Damn hackers.

@настроение: Where is my mind?


So today is the last class of the spring quarter. I'm going home for a few days to enjoy the remodeling and my dad's peculiar behavior. At ay rate, I'll have a bit of privacy on my hands. I guess if I didn't leave for the weekend every week, I would have gone crazy. I can't stay in company of people all the time.Sometimes, it does me good to be alone, if only for an hour or so. No it doesn't mean that I don't like people, I just get tired of them every once in a while. Is that so bad?

@настроение: He was the heart and the soul of the administration, but “the troika,” as those men came to be known, were the ears, mouth, and hands .


It was nice to get all the birthday wishes yesterday. My sister, as usual, ruined my mood, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. But yeah, I got a birthday wish from my best friend in Ukraine. I know that she's having a hard time due to family problems and I think it was the sweetest thing ever of her to actually take the time out of her life to send me a message. There might just be kindness in this world.

And after I got back from home back into the dorms, we had a little party. Few of my neighbors just ate cake and drank wine with me. We talked and it was pretty sall and quiet. I didn't complain. It's not like I expected much coming into my birthday. It's just hasn't been the same since I came to US. It's less of a holiday, celebration now. Slowly, it's turning into an ordinary day and if not for the bunch of wishes, a card from a friend and few gifts, I wouldn't even have noticed that I have become a year older.


@настроение: They misunderstood. Theysent me a stripper with a huge CLOCK.


Happy Birthday... to me.

@настроение: I'm only happy when it rains.


One more day.
It's raining and cold again. But yesterday it was still a nice weather. Good things really don't last in this world. I wonder why. But at any rate, I saw watchman with my roommate and neighbor. We walked by the lake. It was frozen over in mid wave and there were ice caps floating. I felt as though it was the right time for a ghost ship to sail or something of that sort. It was so foggy that all one could se of the downtown was a faint red glow. It was a good end of the day.

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Two more days.

@настроение: Maria believe we all like it loud.


The sun is shinning and I feel happy again. Spring is coming. I'm tired for this winter. Sometimes I wonder why I don't live in a warmer climate. Won't it be wonderful to never see snow or shiver in the cold? I think it would be.
At any rate, my birthday is coming up. But it's just going to be answer day at work and another day in school. Sometimes, it seems that it wouldn't really make a difference in my parents told me the truth about a birthday or not. Maybe I was born on March 9th? Who'd ever know. I certainly wouldn't. Anyway, despite the day, I still am growing older and there is nothing I can do about it. Oh well. Some battles you just can't win.

@настроение: Forget what we're told before we get too old.


I feel the same. You know, they always tell you that college changes you entirely, but I feel the same. Aside from random drinking parties and occasional bump-and-grind with strangers, the rules of the game hadn't changed. I mean, I got a few new experiences, but that's about it. The fundamental person of who I was before stayed. I supposed it is a good thing. I like who I am though at times I dislike the rigidity of my convictions. Sometimes I do wish I was more outgoing, but then I wouldn't be me. Sure, tell me that there are thousands of other's just like me or millions of individuals similar to me, but that doesn't change the fact that I am who I am. There is no point chasing after a crazy dream of different personality. Face it, you're stuck with the cards mother nature and environment deals you. All's you have to do is ply the best game you can with the cards you got. After all, no one is perfect but what we make can be.

@настроение: In zwei Wochen werde ich mit Chemie fertig gewesen sein!


Hope and change. Change and hope. We're being promised that day and day out, but the outlook is bleak. You know, my tuition is rising by two thousand dollars. And I'm so tired for work and homework and chemistry and this lack of time and strength. But I must go on.Otherwise, I will be wasting a brilliant mind, right?
Today is the first day of March, but it hardly feels like spring. Why? It's snowing like crazy here and cold too. But so very soon I'll be a year older and it's both frightening and exciting at the same time. What is there ahead of me? Some happiness I hope. Maybe change too. Who knows? Who can tell?
I like hanging with Igor. He's pretty chill. Oh and this Saturday I hung out with my posse. Fatima's birthday was few weeks ago, but well, we still had to have a party. SO we went to see Coraline, a brilliantly creepy movie. I recommend, though I can't look at buttons quite the same way again.
Anyways, yeah, just waiting for spring break. It should be fun, granted the weather gets better.

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I wish I could turn back the clock. There are so many people I want to talk to again, but they're gone be it because of death or some circumstances that deleted them from my life. I want to see my childhood friend again and play like we used to play. To think, we were all so poor, but we were so happy. I want to see my old teachers and classmates and my parents, youger and too maybe happier. I'd want to see my grandmother, whom I also miss so much. With her, died the last hold I had on my childhood. I want to see Ben and Yulia. I want to see the girl whose name I can't recall anymore, but I will always remember the hug we shared because it was my first hug. I want once again to witness my old crushes, victories, and defeats. I want it all back now, when I feel most vulnerable and unsure of where to go. Because the past is already a well laid out road and the future is hidden from me. I'm just left to hope that things will turn out for the better. He'll find me. I won't die alone.


I miss Ben.
I think about him quite often now. Everything could have turned out so much better. It rps my heart to shreds to think that I wll never talk to him, see him, go to movies with him, argue with him. And why? Because of one dumb mistake on his part. There was so much he could do with his life and now...
I hope someday the guilt will go away. I miss yo, Ben. You were never alone.

@музыка: Just A Car Crash Away -Marilyn Manson


Alright, so I bought the tickets. My poor bak account... but I'm sure it will be worth it. On a side note, we're leaning about German music in my Germab class. Ahh, finally an excuse to listen to Rammstein. People can bitch about them all they want but they're an 'A' class heavy metal band and they will be loved adored WORSHIPED around the world. Why? Because they're fucking brilliant, that's why.
They have their stupid songs and they have their politically active songs. It's an ongoin critique of what they see. Isn't that what music is supposed to be about instead of a whore shaking her ass in front of a camera for 10 minutes singing something about how she's not respected. You're not respected because you're a stupid whore. Yeah, exactly.
Anyways, can't wait 'til March now.

@настроение: No clothes, no hoes.


It's back to running in the hamster wheel. Two days for a weekend and then I'm once again toiling away over homework and dragging my lazy ass to classes. Still, it's better than having the 8 to 5 job at some crappy office. Friday was kind of fun, if Americans knew how to dance. Grinding replaced all other forms of dancing. I bet goth clubs see more action than these hip-hop wanna bes. What happened to techno? It's all 'booty' this and 'hit the floor' and something about 'hos'. The music doesn't change, the meaning of the song doesn't change, just on occasion instead of a 'ho' they say 'bitch'. Yeah, that's.... awesome, really. Lazy asses..
And then the rest of the weekend it was work work work. I'm so glad I can afford to go to uni instead of wasting my life away behind a counter at a cafe. I'm too pretty to be cashier. Anyway, I'm still happier with this arrangement than I have been last semester. So yeah, enjoy it while it lasts.

@настроение: Mama, I don't want to die. Sometimes I wish I've never been born at all.


For the first time in what seems like week, I feel happy. I feel free. Slowly, the dread the need the edge to find someone to replace Eric is dulling. I'm glad. Now I can focus on more important things, like enjoying myself. There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect. I am perfection in flesh. Anyone would be damn lucky to even be in my presence. I am all powerful. And now that I'm not feeling bad for myself, I can finally quiet the storms inside of my chest and go back to my quiet cold living. It's best not to feel. I've always yearned for that perfect calmness. I had it this summer and he had to come and ruin it. Well, now I know. On the other hand, it's very difficult for me to fall in love with anything. I question motives. I even questioned his motives when he complimented me, wanted to talk to me, said he missed me.
But I know that I love my mother and my nephew very much. I respect my father and sister. I love myself. I cherish my friends but someday, I hope there would be someone who would be able to go past my scrutiny and force my calmness to turn into bliss.
Until then, I feel content with what I am an what I feel now.

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Oh my FUCKING GOD!!!!!!

Infected Mushroom AND Mindless Self Indulgence are coming to Chicago back to back!!!! I wanna go to both of them. It will be so fucking awesome. I can't fucking wait. I need to buy tickets NOW and just bully my friends into going with me. It will fucking ROCK!!!!

@настроение: AHHHHHHHHHH


I finally found the song I was looking for. I heard it in Ukraine and it was just... awesome. So yeah, yays for me.
What else is new? Work is work and my sister is being critical like always. I do have a social life. I just get tired of drinking every Friday with a bunch of losers. I know I have a lot more destined for me than to hang with dead behind the eyes alcoholics. I have dreams, aspirations, expectations. Guess that was why we split with Blue Haired Demon, because we were going in different directions. As a side note: he wasn't much of a demon or blue haired. He turned into like every one else. Boring. And as much as I liked him before, well, loved him really, I was absolutely repulsed by him now. I need a new demon to look up to. I guess. There is one in my chem....

No, no, I really should keep myself focused even when my mind wonders. Tomorrow I will fucking rock my chem quiz. I'm sure of that. There's no other way. Anyway, yeah, I still need to write or something. If only I could write a book for every fucking best idea ever I come up with, I'd be richer than J.K. Rowling. Dark Hollows vs. Light Hollows? C'mon absolutely brilliant!

The winter will not last forever,
the stiffling paralyzing cold.
Someday everything will get better.
Some days even guilt goes away.

@настроение: Will you bite the hands that feed you?


Ugh, what a crappy day.
And I just feel crappy. It's so freaking cold here. My fingers are freezing while I type. And then, there's a midterm and a quiz I have to study for, but I'm so tired. All these changes at work.... I thought I did an honest's day work and now they're implementing all of these rules to keep track of the work. What the hell? Maybe I'm sleep deprived, but it's not like I can sleep when my roommate is a freaking insomniac. Doesn't go to sleep earlier than two. And let me tell you, sleeping under a light is not exactly all that relaxing. I think my vision is going down an the fucking button on my fucking vest fell off today.

Frustrating ass day. Plus, the damn Apple fucking Mac couldn't install Acrobat. I can't stand Macs. They're just illogical, uncomfortable and lame. Don't understand what all the hype is about.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

@настроение: I might like you better if we slept together, but there's something in your eyes that says 'maybe... that's never.'

Spank it like a Preacher