Sign of the Hammer be my guide
We are the ones that shape the world around us. While there are things from outside that influence our lives we still forge most of the happyness we posses ourselves. We alone decide what is to be kept close and cherished and what may be left unattended for longer periods of time. It is crucial to understand that some things have a long lasting effect on us and may accompany us most of our lives if treated properly. When we start grasping for things that aren't gonna be around for long yet seem nice and shiny at the moment will will forget what is actually important and perhaps lose it in the end.
If you plant a tree and take care of it for a longer while it will start growing big and strong and bear fruit for you to eat, but as soon as you switch your attention to something that will feed you with much less effort even for a shorter time you forget all about the tree and probably assume that it will still grow without your attention. And while you are walking around the forest and gather things that are easy to get and things anyone can have your time invested in growing your own tree gets wasted.
When there is nothing more for you to take you might return and find that the fruits growing on the tree are no longer for you