2011-12-16 в 22:23 

Великий Обоснуй
Приятный клип)

2011-12-17 в 00:31 

Девушка Шредингера
Chaos, panic and disorder. My work here is done (c)
Что там было-то, в этих часах?

2011-12-17 в 02:15 

The devil's in the next room (c)
Ухты! очень понравилось как сделан!

2011-12-17 в 04:08 

black sheep.
Потрясающе Оо Вот бы ещё сабы... И фандаб какой-нибудь качественный... :laugh:

2011-12-17 в 14:17 

Awaon Kasuka
There's only one fandub as of now, sung by H2O.
I'm working on a translation now, give and hour or so to complete it.

2011-12-17 в 16:08 

Awaon Kasuka
Resounding, broken sounds,
Monochrome pieces.
Threading on cogwheels that fell on the ground,
I sneered.

In my fixed right hand, the creaking
Sound that I've been hearing, has disappeared.
Worldly symbols that obstruct light
Are starting to collapse.

Although I don't have any tears to shed
I've shouted in a tearful voice.

You were always smiling
When you were teaching me everything.
About joy, about grief, and about me
Being unable to die.

Say, why is it
That before my time has stopped,
Although I didn't understand why, in my chest
I felt a piercing pain.

It was only an illusion with no truth to it whatsoever,
Or so I believed.

That day, while smiling
You had gently embraced me.
Even though no blood flows in my body,
I felt the warmth.

Only that by the time I've realized it
You became like a magnetic clock.*
I wouldn't have minded if the world stopped,
So I wished.

But I knew all along, I honestly knew,
That there's no stopping it.

That one day, while smiling
You had told me something I've remembered now.
About joy, about grief, and about me
Being alive.

You know, right now I'm absolutely happy.
Something falls down, so these must be tears,
Beyond the sky, where you are now,
I fell like I'm going to meet you there.

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