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Влюблена и неадкватна. Сужу обо всем с позиции Рэйнизма.
Earlier this month, on February 11, South Korean singer, actor, and mega-entertainer Rain (a.k.a. ROK Army Private First Class JiHoon Jung) completed four months of service in the Republic of Korea military. In those four months, he has established himself as a serious super soldier at one of the toughest training camps (near the DMZ), as more physically fit than recruits ten years his junior, and as a loyal squadron leader and top sharpshooter of the 5th Division. No one can say he has used his celebrity and taken the easy road when it comes to doing his duty for his country.

Rain has never taken the easy road at anything. He's always taken the one he knew was right, worked very hard, and weathered whatever storm it may have entailed.

According to the Defense Ministry, the latest on Private FC JiHoon is that, after earning a spot as an Assistant Training Officer back in mid-December (with his excellent marksmanship and superior physical accomplishments during basic training), he is now being transferred from the Infantry to the Defense Media Agency and will serve the remainder of his compulsory duty as a PR agent.


*закапала слюнями все вокруг*
О! Я так и знала! Я так и говорила же! Он же не стал бы искать легких путей))) И дадада, физическая форма, ах, заечка, какой ты клевый, восторг! Восхищение!
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