This is Yun from China. You can call me Valya as a nickname.=)
APH: I'm a big fan of RoChu(Ivan&Yao), and I can ONLY accept the RoChu cp in Axis Powers Hetalia.
Welcome to my blog~^_^

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У вас есть мечта? Есть мечта? Иди к ней! Не получается идти к ней? Ползи к ней!

From northern China with love

No Rochu, No Life.
7.31-8.11 Valya in the Heilongjiang province
Now, Harbin city.

Very interesting here!

I live in a Youth Hostel near the Songhuajiang river. Sharing a dormitory with other 7 girls.
In my dormitory, 7 Chinese girl and 1 Russian girl. We feel very happy to living together. My Russian is very poor but she speaks Chinese fluently. So we can understand each other~=w=
Tomorrow we're planning to buy a big Russian bread together! With some pickles and kvas. Harbin has wonderful food and beautiful scenery, fabulous city.

Now I feel so university is in the Beijing, not Harbin. I feel like that I fall in love with Harbin now.

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Natasha and Chunyan

No Rochu, No Life.

Ваня, женись на мне!

No Rochu, No Life.

Day 1 of the Changsha ACG Festival 2011
Valya was one of the three Belarus...^L^

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No Rochu, No Life.
Everything is OK. I've finished my National College Entrance Examination.
Now I'm free...Long live the freedom...Long live the LIBERTY!

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No Rochu, No Life.

Coming back from Beijing, I finished my first battle last weekend. Everything goes extremely well, I suppose so.XD
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26th,Feb--The First Battle

No Rochu, No Life.
The first battle of my College Entrance Examination is coming soon.

Maybe this ticket of Moscow Metro will bring good luck to me...As my first aspiration is the UIBE's Department of Russian Language.(lol)
Well, I'll put it in my ID-card pocket.XD

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Spring Festival

No Rochu, No Life.

Today is the fourth day of the Rabbit Year.=w=

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Heavy Snow

No Rochu, No Life.



《To Liu Shijiu》_Bai Juyi(772-846)

The wine is newly-brewed rice wine
Fire is burning in the small red-mud stove
Sky turns dark, snow is coming
Would you like to have a drink with me?

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No Rochu, No Life.

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virtual pet

No Rochu, No Life.

Find this in Russia~kun's diary. =w=~And I adopted my own panda Vanya immediately.XD


Жди меня

No Rochu, No Life.

2010-12-18, CCTV-1.
From 20:00 to nearly 23:30, the program Жди меня impressed me a lot. I want to recommend it to all dear friends, for those touching stories and eternal love between people.

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@музыка: Жди меня-等着我


First Snow

No Rochu, No Life.
My city is sooooooo gelieveable!
Last week, we have had a 21℃
Yesterday, the temperature suddenly came to 0℃
Today, it's snowy.

I remember the last time of heavy snow was 2008's winter, when I was a junior 3...busy preparing for the High School Entrance Examination. That winter was a nightmare. Our city was covered by ice and transport line went down. Power failure during the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, our final-term examination cancelled because of the low temperature and damn ice. Now I'm a senior 3, busy preparing for the College Entrance Examination. And snow comes again...thanks a lot, it's not ice. T_T

Although snow haven't piled up now, because of last night's rain. They're dancing in the sky. I feel cold and I'm so happy to see the snow, it's rare in our south area.XD

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Old Poster

No Rochu, No Life.

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The Origin of Ivan's Panda Suit

No Rochu, No Life.
Remember Ivan's panda suit? He wears it and pretend to be a giant panda. That is not only in Hetalia fantasy, but...real life.

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FIFA 2018!

No Rochu, No Life.
I heard that news from school radio. Because of the monthly examination...I'm a little bit late to write this diary.

Conguatulations! Russia☆

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Happy Birthday to Me ^w^

No Rochu, No Life.
Today is my 18th birthday. Now I'm the youngest adult of P.R.China☆
I made a RoChu birthday cake for myself. Panda and sunflower makes my birthday so wonderful :heart:.

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update 2010/11/10 23:33
I've just got a lovely birthday present...QwQ~My friend gave a RoChu pic for me and I can't wait to share it!=w=

By CharlieInoni. She always draw fantastic pictures for my fanfic. Thanks a lot!

Guidebook said that today is "Police day" in Russia. @w@~Maybe we need RoChu in police uniform for celebration? XD I love their Halloween suits~^^

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the Beginning of Winter

No Rochu, No Life.
Today is "Li Dong(立冬 )" day. According to the lunar calendar, the winter of 2010 begins from November 7th!

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Thanks for SUNFLOWER!

No Rochu, No Life.

Yesterday I received a parcel of sunflower(~XD~) from my friend :heart:.
Here in Changsha, weather went cold suddenly and we nearly have no autumn this year. It is said that 2010's winter will become much colder than usual, although I don't believe such prediction^^. Thanks for the magical sunflower, it makes me feel so warm in the cold air from north.

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Something about Flagcounter

No Rochu, No Life.
I DO LOVE to collect flags by using Flagcounter.

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Autumn Outing

No Rochu, No Life.
★Caution: Too many panda pictures here.★

To go outing together in spring and autumn is a tradition of Chinese schools. This year, our autumn outing's destination is Changsha Ecological Zoo!
...It's my last autumn outing in high school, and I spent nearly 2.5 hours with panda...

Yes, you know, I love panda more than I can say.

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