Kir Tanbris
Distinction and honor!
Anthony Daniels:
«Kersh fell asleep & snored, listening to me dubbing ESB. Just one reason I loved him. He was a lovely, thoughtful, talented man. We owe him.»

Kyle Newman:
«Farewell to Irvin Kershner. A true cinema legend. Your contributions to Star Wars will never be forgotten. May you be one with the force!»

Elijah Wood:
«Farewell Irvin Kershner. You gave us the greatest Star Wars film of them all.»

Daniel Logan:
«My thoughts are with the family and loved ones of director Irvin Kershner. He will be missed, but his work has left a long lasting legacy.»

Seth Green:
«Thank you Irvin Kershner. You've inspired the world more than you could ever imagine»

Kevin Smith:
«The most influential director of my single-digit years, EMPIRE maestro Irvin Kershner, has died. Thank you, sir, for legitimizing STAR WARS.»

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