..every time you come around,
I feel more alive, than ever...(с) adore

I never...
Wanted anything so bad,
I've never wanted anyone so bad...
(с) adore

Down deep I'm barely breathing.
But you just see a smile...
(c) adore

So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground ...
(c) brick by boring brick

Her prince finally came to save her (c) brick by boring brick

you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic...
(c) brick by boring brick

How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind
? (c) decode

I'm screaming, "I love you so"
My thoughts you can't decode...(
c) decode

And you do your best to show me love
But you don't know what love is...
(c) emergency

We still live in the same town, well, don't we?
But I don't see you around anymore...
(c) feeling sorry

I've got no time for feeling sorry!..(c) feeling sorry

I'll write you just to let you know
That I'm alright...
(c) here we go again

Can't say I'm sad to see you go..(c) here we go again

I fear I might break
And I fear I can't take it..
(c) pressure

Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty..(c) pressure

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go..
(c) pressure

why do we like to hurt, so much? (c) that's what you get

That's what you get when you let your heart win..(c) that's what you get

I watched his wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving you..
(c) misery business

So why can't you stay
Just long enough to explain?..
(c) when it rains

When this memory fades
I'm gonna make sure it's replaced..(c) miracle

I just need this pain to end right here..(c) miracle

the change is good...(c) ignorance

Ignorance is your new best friend..(c) ignorance

I'm not the same kid from your memory
Now I can fend for myself.
.(c) ignorance

I'd never sing of love if does not exist...(c) the only exception

This is the last second chance..(c) playing God