Just want to show off my new icon. Because it's Christmas-y and ridiculously cute! Here are the original (bunny) pictures if you want to see them bigger: 


Smirnoff did not like her hat at all and knocked it off several times before biting it, digging at it and giving me the bunny butt. Which is why hers is less clear. Bruiser (who I thought would like it less as he's much shyer than Smirnoff) was quite happy to accept his bribe of raisins and pose nicely. In other news I have been abandoned by my boyfriend in favour of my animals! He came into the flat today, gave me a quick and and kiss and went into the bedroom, followed by my dog, to put down his bags. 10 minutes later I went to see where he'd got to and found him sitting on the floor with my dog on one side having his ears scratched, Smirnoff on his knee having her head scratched and Bruiser cautiously sniffing his feet. I felt neglected.