Today marks Brighton's first year of living with us!

I can't believe that it was one year ago when my father brought home a 4 year old male bunny to be Rachel's companion. I remembering thinking he was so cute when i saw him for the first time. So i decided for Brighton's on year anniversary that i would interview him and the other buns. ^o^


Me: This is me reporting from the garage for my exclusive interview with Brighton Bunny.

Me: Hey Brighton. It’s been a year since you’ve moved here with us. How things been going?

Brighton: It’s been a busy year hasn’t it. I’ve gotten married for the first time and then got married again. I’ve discovered bunny crack aka yogurt treats. I’m also living in a place larger than a holding cell for the first time in my life.

Me: You can’t get married twice. That’s polygamous. We’re not Mormon.

Then what’s Esther to me?

Me: um. Your mistress.

Brighton: Maybe that’s why Rachel get’s mad all of the time at me.

Me: Tell me about yours and Rachel’s relationship.

Brighton: Is she nearby?

Me: yes. She is right over there.

Brighton: Well she is a great looking bunny. Nice figure. Cute tiny ears. Wonderful personality. (Beckons me closer with paw). (I lean in closer to him). Actually, the truth is that she is kind of prissy. She gets mad if I don’t groom her or if I’m looking at other ladies. You know the cute ones next store. She’ll stomp her foot at me and then hop over to the corner and just stare. I mean stare! That stare is scary. It’s like she is secretly cursing me or something. She also gets all angry when I’ve been snuggling with Esther. She’ll kick me out of the box I tell you. She’s a bit crazy if you ask me.

Me: Wow. I would have never known.

: She act’s all cute and adorable, but she’s not. Sort of like Nermal from that Garfield comic.

Me: So how’s things with Esther.

Brighton: She’s cool. She likes to groom me and snuggle. She’ll even take the blankets outs of our houses so I can snuggle with them on the floor. She also doesn’t get mad if I’m looking at another woman or with Rachel. I was weary of her at first. Once I got to know her I discovered how cool of a bunny she was.

Me: That’s good to hear. So what do you do all day when I’m not around.
Brighton: Um. I can’t tell you. Bunny code of secrecy and all.

Me: ok….. So do you feel like your lacking in anything in life?

: Satellite and a high definition tv.

: That’s not going to happen. I don’t even have those things.

Brighton: So.

Me: Ok. Wrapping things up. Is there anything you’d like to say about your first year or future hopes?

Brighton: I’d really like to have satellite in the next year. Our reception is really bad here in the garage. I also hope to have a cappuccino machine installed soon as well.

Me: Reception?

Brighton: Um. Who said anything about reception? *insert nervous laughter*. Got to go. Bye bye (Hops off).


Me: This is me reporting from the garage for my exclusive interview with Rachel Bunny

Me: Hi Rachel How are you doing today?

Rachel. Good. And yourself?

Me: Alright. Now it’s been a year since Brighton has moved in. Hard to believe isn’t it.

Rachel: It is isn’t it. A year ago I was dreaming of myself settling down with a nice man bunny, serving one man, grooming one man, being with one man. Dreams pass in time though.

Me: What do you mean? You got Brighton. Your man bunny.

Rachel: I wouldn’t call Brighton a man. Nor was he the man I was dreaming of. The man I was dreaming of only had eyes for me and me only.

Me: Why do you say that?

Rachel: In case you haven’t noticed Brighton eyes stray to those of the opposite sex a lot. It wasn’t like that at first in our relationship. He had eyes for me and me only then. It was pure bunny heaven. Then “she” came.

: She?

Rachel: Beka. It was after you sent me to that horrid place to get my girl stuff taken out. By the way I still haven’t forgiven you for that. Anyway, you brought Brighton up to cheer me up and we were all snuggly on the floor. You then let Beka down. Brighton eyed her like she was some exotic creature, like a Zebra or something. More like a big fat Panda if you ask me. Anyway, he ran right over to her and started making lovey dovey to her. My dreams were crushed. It was the making of a playboy bunny. Even after we moved in together he would look her way. Try to sit next to her through the gate. Spy on her through his telescope.

Me: Spy on her through his telescope?

Rachel: Yes. He had a telescope hooked onto the old hutch.

Me: I never saw one.

Rachel: Course you woudn’t. I broke it um accidently when I was trying to look at the stares outside the window.

Me: Ok……. So I take it you weren’t thrilled with Esther moving in then.

Rachel: Needless to say. No.

Me: Tell me about it.

Rachel: I was being quite kind and gracious to her opening up my home to her since her partner had just die and she automatically starts making moves towards my man. It was like “look at me look at me. Aren’t my grey eyes and lush gray fur beautiful.” I want to puke.

Me: Come on. Essy has to have her good points. You always look happy when she is grooming you.

Rachel: That’s true. Brighton wouldn’t groom me unless I came out of a box covered in nothing but a bikini made out of yogurt treats.

Me: See. Esther has her good points.

Rachel: I could easily hire one of those big brutes that come in here every once in a while to do the job and not have to worry about them taking my man.

Me: Trust me you don’t want to live with Izzy. You’ll go deaf.

Rachel: Are we almost finished here? My stories will be on soon.

Me: ah, yah. Um… Stories?

Rachel: You have a problem with my stories? Hmm Hmm!

Me: ………

Rachel: I don’t need these insults!

Me: I didn’t say anything….

Rachel cutting in: I know when I’ve been insulted! Don’t try to make up excuses “hops away”

Me: I guess this wraps up my interview with Rachel Bunny


Me: This is me reporting from my room for my exclusive interview with Esther Fuzzbutt.

Me: Hi Essy. How you doing?

Esther: “Just stares at me”.

Me: Ok. I know your hurting and are still mad at me for yesterday, but it was for your own good.

Esther: So you say. I’m doing alright considering what I’ve been through.

Me: I’ve been interviewing the troop in connection to Brighton’s first anniversary of living here. I you’ve only lived with Brighton for about two three months now, but how would you describe that?

Esther: As you know I moved in with Brighton and Rachel after Taby died “tears up”. Excuse me for a minute. “Blows nose on bunny tissue”. Our introductory meeting was rough due to my grief of Taby and Rachel’s hard headedness in not wanting to share “her man”. Eventually everything worked out after I introduced them to my special grooming techniques.

Me: Special grooming techniques?

Esther: Its very hush hush. No need for you to know. Anyway, Brighton came off as a bit of a baby at first. Wouldn’t do anything for himself. Made Rachel do it for him. I soon learned that he could be quite the gentlebunny and knew his way with words. He helped me move past my grief with my loss and wasn’t demanding like Rachel. Have I mentioned that his mustache is also super sexy.

Me: No. So I take it life was good.

Esther. Until yesterday, Yes. “glares at me”. Rachel has her occasional hissy fits, but other than that. Everything is peachy keen. Are we done now? I’m rather tired.

Me: Sure are. I hope you feel better soon.

Esther: Sure sure. Just keep down the noise will you.

Rebekah, Leah, and Mary Elizabeth

Me: This is me reporting from the garage for my exclusive interview with Rebekah, Mary, and Leah.

Me: Hi everyone!

: Hey.

Mary: Hello.

Beka: Hoi!

Me: Hoi?

Beka: Its hello in Dutch. I’m a Dutch bunny remember.

Me: Cute ^o^. I’m interviewing everyone in honor of Brighton’s first anniversary with us. I know you don’t live with him, but you three are his neighbors. How would you say it’s been like living next to him?

: We didn’t get a special interview on our one year anniversary here. “pouts”.

Mary: Yeah!

Me: um Sorry.

Leah: Bet you’re sorry. I’ll be sorry to next time I accidently bite you butt when you’re cleaning our house.

Me: I can be sorry too when I accidently forget to give you your pineapple slices.

Leah: Shutting up now.

Me: My question please.

Mary: There really isn’t much to say. He doesn’t talk to us. We’re not good enough for him to talk too.

Leah: He doesn’t like strong willed women is whats his problem. He knows if he came over here; he’d be doing the chores instead of regulating them to Rachel and Esther.

Mary and Leah laugh together.

Beka: I think he’s hot.

Mary and Leah stop and look at her.

Leah: Traitor to your Amazonian sisterhood.

Mary: You only like him because he’s always looking over here at you making those googly eyes.

Beka: He thinks I’m exotic looking.

Leah: “rolls eyes” bet he does.

: Men only like one thing and one thing only and it’s not your coloring.

Leah: Besides. Rachel is ready to kill you if you even try to make a move on her “man” that traitor. Left the sisterhood for domestication she did. Thought she needed a man to be complete. Now look at her position. Slaving over him night and day. Could have been free from that if she stayed here.

Mary: Mmmhum. You tell it sister suffrage.

Beka: Whats wrong with that?

Leah: Your sleeping on the lounger deary till you get your priorities straight.

Me: Ok…… Um. Well Thank you for the interview.

All three are completely ignoring me as Leah and Mary start singing “Independent women” by destiny’s child.

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