Hi everyone! I have a bunny (Smokey) who is usually free to roam the apartment. She has a cage, but she's rarely in it--it's kind of like a "time out" spot if she's causing trouble. She has pretty good litter box habits, but she always makes a HUGE mess with her hay. I have tried to put it into a box with a small opening, but she tosses that around and spills the hay everywhere.

My problem is that my vacuum is TERRIBLE when it comes to cleaning up the hay. The little tiny pieces get clogged in the tube, and it doesn't really vacuum up any of the bigger pieces at all. The main vacuum gets clogged more quickly than the detachable hose part, so I usually end up vacuuming my apartment with just the detachable hose! It gets really tedious and frustrating.

For those of you who have house bunnies, do you use a certain type of vacuum to clean up the hay? Even if your bunnies are fairly tidy, can anyone recommend a vacuum that would be able to clean up hay without getting clogged? I would really appreciate it.

To make up for all of the text, here's a picture:

Thank you!