So I show pedigreed mini rex rabbits, but I also have a pet Flemish Giant boy named Cooper. I recently, eh, about a month ago, got him neutered after he got a couple of big wins at a show. He's a house pet now! I can tell that he has chilled out a good bit since the nueter, but I've never had a rabbit altered before and am curious as to what kind of mood and energy level changes he may go through. His litter box usage has improved greatly allready, like magic, from once in awhile peeing outside the box to never, and needless to say that is awesome.

Just curious to hear about some different nueter experiences and how long it took them to chill, if they had weight/appetite changes as the weeks went on, and other such changes. His appetite has seemed to grow a bit, though he allready nearly eats 3 cups a day and keeps weight! He's still maturing though, he's not quite a year old, will be in February. He seems slightly jumpy sometimes, and was really really outgoing before he hit puberty. I figure it might just take his hormones a few months to completely regulate and hopefully he will go back to his old self. It's not a big change, just a little one. Not a big deal.

Here's some pics of Coop! He weighs around 13 lbs as of now...