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Help with baby bunny

I just brought Ripley home on Tuesday and he seems to be settling in fine. He's only a month old so I'm wondering what kind of diet I can feed him. He's getting hay and pellets but is there anything else he can have?

He's sleeping in his litterbox instead of using it so I'm going to get another one and put it in the corner he's using for the washroom. Is it okay to take him out everyday so that he gets used to me? I was worried about how Poppy would react but so far she's just sniffed around his cage and gone about her business. She doesn't seem to pay too much attention to him whereas he kind of jumps up when she hops around on the carpet. He isn't really drinking from his bottle and I have a water dish out but I want him to learn how to use the water bottle. Any advice regarding baby rabbits would be helpful! :)

Some pics:


Ignore Ripley's demon eyes! My camera acts up. His eyes are really a grayish colour.



Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!