I'm new to this community, and new to rabbits. I'd had just about every animal imaginable, except for a bunny, until a few days ago when one found me.
Meet the captain. I found her in the middle of the bush, extremely dehydrated, and starving. She bounded straight up to me wanting some food, so I offered her some fruit I had. Of course, I had no intention of leaving her there, so I put her in a box and carted her home, where she is now terrorising my cat, and being a stroppy little thing.
Apparently she's an English Spotted, but I know little to nothing about rabbit markings/breeds, so any light on this would be welcome. I'm also open to any suggestions of treats/fresh fruit and veg that rabbits really like. So far she's been eating everything I can definitely say is safe- so carrots, parsley, bok choy etc.
She's going to the vet in the next couple of days for a checkup.
Here's a couple of pictures if anyone is interested on seeing my new buddy.