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Success on the bunny-bonding front!

To do a quick update- Had one bunny (Honey) since spring. Summer comes, and there's a mass-euthanasia due to overcrowding. So, I rather blindly stumbled into adding Ace, Gary, Dill, Westly, Montoya AND Buttercup to my household. (No, really. I was nuts.)

It all actually went easily- Ace, Gary, Westly, Montoya, and Buttercup all lived in harmony... after a month or so of Ace making sure everyone knew he was king. Honey stayd on her own, as she did (and does) hate Buttercup. Don't worry, it's very mutual. Dill was (and still is to a degree) fairly territorial as well, so Honey and Dill lived separately.

Tonight, after months of playtimes together and getting them used to each other side by side, I have all bunnies living in 2 groups. (Eventually, maybe Honey and Buttercup will warm up to each other and it'll be one big group. I'm not holding my breath.)

Dill, Montoya, Westly, and Buttercup are all in one group, with Ace, Gary, and Honey in the other. Grouped mostly by size, but also as Ace and Dill are both fairly territorial guys and have had issues during playtime. I'm exhausted, and I'm sure there will be a bit of establishing order in the groups, but I feel so accomplished, as silly as that is.

Though I think, in the future, I will never have more then 2 rabbits again. xD

Better pictures to come once things are cleaner and my camera more cooperative.
Buttercup, who is pretty.. but standoffish with people.

Ace is the Californian Rex (I think that's right?) Honey is the one with darker spotting, and Gary is the one with lighter spotting.


Westly, who's kind of my baby of the group. :P His coat is looking SO much better then it did when he got here, and he's not teh skinny boney thing he once was.

Dill, who's very cute, but kind of a grump.

Older picture of Honey's butt.

Montoya, who can be a bit bossy and is more standoffish with people as well. (Honey, Gary, Ace, and Westly are the cuddly ones. xD)

Older picture of Dill, which further goes to show his grumpy face.

Fingers crossed it sticks. >.<


Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!