I just thought I'd update you on how my bunnies are doing as it's been a while since I posted.
My brother and I moved to this student apartment near the end of August and holy crap I've never seen Pip or Boo this happy before. Binkies o'doom! They love it so much here, I don't ever want to move. Guess I'll just have to be an eternastudent ;D

There be pictures. The following is their new (well not so new anymore) pen. they're also allowed to run all over the apartment (wheee carpet!) under supervision every day. Unless mommy falls asleep and doesn't close the pen... I'm just glad they didn't eat any of our cords! :O
I'm quite happy that I can leave them by themselves without worrying about them either being cramped in a tiny cage or getting into trouble (eating my books).

click for bigger pictures

And what's a bunny post without unbearable cuteness? There's nothing quite like napping in the sunbeams, is there? ♥

Boo is kinda chunky now. But he's running more and he's a LOT more confident than he was. Yet again, thanks to everyone who helped me cope with his amputation ♥