So, as you may recall, I got a bunny back in January from Petco, was told it was a neutered male, and named it Martin van Bunbun. Since then (about 2 months ago) I found out that Bunbun was not a he but a she. So I informed Petco and they offered to pay for the spaying. I was always nervous about doing it, but 2 weeks ago, I finally made the appointment to get her spayed.
I took her in at 7:00 am yesterday and left her. They told me to be back at 3 to pick her up.
Around noon, the surgeon called me and told me that they did not find any body parts. She had been spayed already when she was very young (this accounts for the fact that no one saw a scar to begin with). I felt simply awful for putting my beloved bunny through that, a totally unnecessary surgical procedure that would  stress her/him out.
I went to pick her up at 3ish, and she was very groggy. They gave me pain meds to administer later that evening. Then I brought her home to put into her bun ward (I had made her cage a safe, warm, quiet place for recovery). She went into her bun ward and sat. I gave her pain meds in the evening.
This morning, I woke up to find she was a little disoriented inside her bun ward. She had pushed it a little and wasn't sure about where she was. She also was freaking out. I bent down to try to extricate her from her bun ward, and did so successfully, but for some reason her front legs didn't want to work. They splayed out next to her and she started to squeal-hiccup because she was stressing out so terriblly because she couldn't move or get away. At this point, Paul and I panicked and I went to get properly dressed so we could rush her to the vet. I guess she just had a bad reaction to the meds or something, because she was completely disoriented and in my heart of hearts I knew she was going to go when I saw her like that.
Unfortunately, while I was getting dressed, Bunbun had a heart attack and passed away. She was almost a year old.

I loved my little Bunbun very much, and am extremely sad. Little hearts in my (and Bunbun's) direction would be greatly appreciated. It's so hard to think that this could all have been avoided if someone had just double checked paperwork. Now, a perfectly healthy and extremely loved part of my family is gone for no reason other than human error. I know "it's not fair" is overused when talking about death, but really, in this case it really wasn't fair.

At least I get to think of her now as a mischievous bunny spirit that can finally get into places in the apartment that mommy and daddy wouldn't let her go. I will probably find chewed items for many weeks to come. I am also hugely thankful for the time I got to spend with the insane little dwarf lionhead with the exclamation point on her rump.
It's going to be hard for a little while, I know. I loved that rabbit, as wild as she was. I just feel so bad about everything... but I know and have been reassured that I did everything right. This was just a terrible string of errors.

Bunbun is now a bunny spirit. She chews on wireless connections now.