Hmmmm I thought I had a rabbit but apparently I have a little piggy instead.

Recently Mickey has gotten into the habit of begging for food. Since the bunny room is right off the kitchen, that's their play area and whenever I'm making something to eat, who comes along to inspect? Mickey. He sit at my feet and stares up at me. If I ignore him, he attempts to jump on my lap (he succeeds sometimes). If I still ignore him, he jumps onto the table in front of me and tries to snatch the food. He's destroyed 4 of my roommate's bananas that were on a rack on the table already. I've never seen a bunny so anxious for people food in my life!

Sorry about the crappy quality. I just snapped it with my cell phone real quick. He's begging for fried rice in this picture.

Chester is good as usual. He's warming up to people more. He explores a little more. It's very nice. My friend who was his owner finally just gave him to me since I don't think she really wanted to take care of him. I'm okay with that. Chester and Mickey are buddies so it works.

Time to go. Mickey is trying to go for my spicy tuna sushi now (do rabbits like raw fish???)