Well I finally got back to my parent's house yesterday. Woo, bunny! This, of course, means I come bearing picures.

First, a few questions.

I'm moving Bruiser down to Uni with me in a week or so but for now I've moved him from his outside hutch inside, to try and start his litterbox training. But then  thought that maybe it would confuse him if he learnt here with one ltterbox and then got moved to a completely new place with a new cage and new box. What do you think? Is all practice good practice or should I wait till I get home? He'll have different stuff in hs litterbox in both places, paper here and Pets At Home small animal litter at uni if that'll make a difference.

My Mum also doesn't have any hay (I HATE the way she looks after my bun, hence the move to uni!). I could easily get a bit of farm standard stuff, but that's not sitable for buns. I can't get to a petshop. What can I feed him that will help boost his fibre? Will just grass do it? There's plenty of pesticide free fields around so finding suitable gras will be no problem.

Bruiser's now been inside since yesterday evening, so overnight, and Ican't find any poos anywhere. I've looked in corners of the room and things too, but can't see any. He seems perfectly happy otherwise, he's eating his mix fine and moving fine. He's even doing small binkies, which I haven't seen since he was young. He seems happy, Is it possible that it's just because he's i an unfamilier place? I think he's eating his cecals, he was licking down around his bum this morning so I think that's what he was doing.

Finally, and not s much of a serious question, has anyone heard of a rabbit that has a lionhead-type mane in summer but not in winter? Because Bruiser does. During the summer he has wonderful long hair around his face (he looks like he has mutton chops!) andbetween his ears but it's not there during the winter. I'll see if I can find comparison pictures for you...

Om nom nom nom.

What do you mean 'm not supposed to *ea*t the paper in the litter box?


I disapprove of these pictures!


You can see his pretty eyes in this one. They're dark on top and blue underneath.

240  240

From April. Notice the lack of fluff! What's with my bunny?