Спаси меня, небо.
Broken Memories

A melancholic soul never fears to be seduced by the old touch of dead civilization. She was only glad of her culpable pleasure to feel
the aged floors graciously creaking under the pressure of her bare feet, but merely for a short period of time. The young woman must run,
before the ghost of the broken memories approaches reticently.
As the girl stroked the crumbled walls, she closed her eyes. This is the undying nest to her neglected melodies of the precedent.
She was delicately reared in this forsaken construction, but did not give up her existence in there. Her infancy and adolescence
were grimly flanked by these four walls. The humans she had blood relation with cherished and praised her possibility of breathing.
Currently, she was only one left behind the death’s sharp borderline. As far as she remembers, her parents were surgeons.
They had a close relationship at that point and it was the time when she still knew how bonds between people worked so
successfully and easily. It was the time when she could still dream and envisage her future with no blameworthiness in mind.
Now everything is deprived of life completely. She is trying to get close, but it is challenging to reach, while memories are
fading away so rapidly. She must attain the land of her past, earlier than it evaporates in her reminiscences.
The cold eyes crawled around the room, as she tried to remember where her parents’ medicinal paraphernalia was.
She shall not wait once more for the phantom of the broken memories, not any longer. She lost too much of her valuable
time finding its footprints on the dusty floors. She must pursue after it.
She exhaled the dusty air as the scalpel shined deep in her torso. Broken reminiscences are finally found.

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