Naruna's POV

Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruna and I'm 19 years old. I'm in High School right now, and like all the other girls, I have problems too. But my biggest problem is right here. In this school. In this classroom. On this lesson... Right in front of me writing on a blackboard a chemical formula.
My problem is called Uchiha Mara. He is my chemistry teacher this year. He didn't do to me anything bad, not even bad marks, all though I suck in chemistry. All these formulas look so confusing and how to notice what is what, ugh... just makes my head hurt. But if I pay attention then I understand, but when I do something else on the lesson, then I'm lost in the teachers words and don't get a thing.

Oh sorry, back to the topic. So, Uchiha-senpai is my new chemistry teacher this year and my problem is... well.. How to say it umm... I think I have a crush on him. Even though he is a teacher, I still like him. I dunno why even. He just looks so nice. Good looking, smart, beautiful eyes and sexy. Every girl just stares at his ass and... lower part. That makes me so angry, dammit. Even half of the boys stare at him. That...makes a bit awkward situation. So I don't have a chance. sigh
I so want to tell him my feelings but... W-When each time he goes around the classroom to look how far we have done our work and is next to me, my heartbeat goes really fast, I start to feel very hot in my clothes and most of all... When he points on some mistake I have on my done homework or test, he leans to me so close that his mouth is near my ear and I start to blush like crazy! Even my friends notice it, I feel so embarrassed.

Mara: That's all for today. I'll write your homework in the computer journal, so don't forget to do it.

Everyone: Goobye Uchiha-sensei~

Naruna: H-Homework?! Wait... W-WHAT HOMEWORK?

Ayane: Didn't you listen to sensei's talk?

Naruna: Um, no *sweat drop*

Ayane: *sigh* Again you dazed away.. Don't worry, if you won't understand I'll write you my answers in Skype today, okay? *smile*

Naruna: Oh, thanks Ayane-chan! *hugs* I don't know what I would do without you hehe.

Ayane: Heehee, you're welcome. *winks* Let's go, it's the class lesson with our class teacher.

Naruna: Hai~

I picked up my books and went with Ayane-chan to our last lesson. Oh forgot to mention. Her name is Hatake Ayane. Ayane-chan is same old like me and she's my very close friend. She sits behind me in chemistry class.
When we left the classroom, I felt someones look on me behind. I stopped and looked in the classroom but it was empty already.

Ayane: What's wrong Naruna-chan?

Naruna: ...nothing.

End of Naruna's POV

In the class lesson

Sari: Your grades will be printed in next week, so if you have any bad marks, go and fix them right away. Don't wait until this year will end when it will be too late, got it?

Everyone: *depressing voice* Yeees.

Sari: I wanted to say few names and the subjects in what they need their marks fixed for sure. The names are: Suto in math last test, Kai in P.E. 2km running, Ryoko in art class, your forgot to bring one drawing, Shizuma in music about some test on listening and Naruna in chemistry.

Suto: Aw maaan, do you I need to?

Sari: *death glare* You have to.

Suto: *shivers* H-Hai.. *mumbles* Scary...

Naruna: *raises hand*

Sari: Yes Naruna?

Naruna: *stands up* Sari-sensei, why I have to go to chemistry? As far as I know, my marks are good.

Sari: You read my thoughts. I don't know why exactly, but Uchiha-san said you have some bad marks that you should fix to get better grades in the end of this year.

Naruna: O..okay. But do you know what marks I have? I didn't look at them lately.

Sari: Sorry Naruna I don't know. You could ask h-

Knock knock

Sari: Come in.

Everyone looked at the door and it slowly opened and in the class came in Mara, with one her left hand in the pocket and in other was papers. Every girl started to whisper to each other with a little blushes on some of them.

Mara: Hello Sari-san, hope I didn't disturb your lesson.

Sari: Actually you did, but it's ok-

Mara: Hn, well hope I didn't wake up the classroom from your boring speach. *smirks*

In the class was heard little laughing and giggling.

Sari: *twitch* Ha ha, very funny. What did you want?

Mara: *comes closer to the table* I brought the yesterday chemistry test results of your class. Here. *puts them on table*

Sari: Ah, thanks. Something else?

Mara: No.

Sari: Good then. Oh, I need to talk to you, can you wait till I finish with the lesson?

Mara: Yeah sure. I'll go sit there. *points to the back corner of the classroom on the chair*

Sari: Okay. So where were we... Ah yes, about your marks Naruna. So..

The next words Naruna didn't hear. Her eyes were focused on Mara when she went to the back and her ears were just blocked from any sound. Her eyes followed Mara, until she saw Mara glanced at her and smiled a bit. Naruna's eyes opened a bit wide and she blushed.

Sari: ...are you listening?

Naruna: ...

Sari: Naruna!

Naruna: Y-YES?! *looks at Sari*

Sari: Did you heard everything I said?

Naruna: Um, y-yeah I did. *grins* Thank you sensei. *sits down quickly*

Sari: Okaaay... One more thing everyone. Soon will be parents meeting so I would like that you ask both of your parents to come. We will talk about...

Ayane: *whispers* Is everything alright, Naruna-chan?

Naruna looked at Ayane who sat on the right side of her and her look slipped to the back of the class, facing Mara's eyes.
Mara was sitting with her arms crossed in front of her and one leg on another. She was just staring right at Naruna, with no emotion or expression on her face.
Naruna felt uncomfortable and wanted to look away but she couldn't take her blue eyes away from the dark ones. They were like hypnotizing her. Mara moved her lips and Naruna repeated the moves to understand what she said..

Naruna: I want you...

Ayane: *blushes* W-What..?

Naruna: Eh? *looks at Ayane, blushes deep red* N-NO I DIDN'T SAY THAT TO YOU!!

Sari: Eh? Naruna, what's wrong?

Naruna: A-Ah?! N-nothing sensei...

Sari: Alright... Well that's all from me. Goodbye everyone and see you tomorrow.

Naruna: *facedesk* How embarrassing...

Mara: *chuckles*

Everyone started to leave the class, Mara stood up from her seat and went to the table where Sari was standing. When Naruna and Ayane were at the door Sari called Naruna's name.

Sari: Naruna, can you come over here for a second?

Naruna: Umm... *looks at Ayane*

Ayane: Don't worry I'll wait you downstairs. *smiles*

Naruna: *smile* Thanks Ayane-chan. *comes closer to Sari* What is it sensei?

Sari: Why did you yell "No I didn't say that to you" in the end of my talk?

Naruna: *blushes* E-Eh? Umm w-well I...

Naruna's eyes ran on one side and other, thinking out an answer. Her eyes stopped on Mara's legs on the right side of her. Her heartbeat fastened. Naruna twisted her fingers, moved her toes in her shoes and..

Naruna: I-It's private sensei... I'm sorry.

Sari: Really? Okay then. But next time try to lower your voice or wait till I will finish, alright?

Naruna: *nodded, glanced at Mara and looked away fast* G-Goodbye.

Naruna quickly left the classroom and closed the door. She rested her back on the door, made a deep sigh. She couldn't explain the real reason to her class teacher, she would think that she went crazy.

Naruna: Damn, Ayane-chan is waiting!! *runs downstairs*

Back in the classroom

Sari: Are you at it again? *crosses arms*

Mara: Don't know what are you talking about. *looks out of the window*

Sari: I noticed Naruna's acting. Do you know who's her parents? Don't you dare to do it.

Mara: Hn. Relax, I'm just giving her some attention, I didn't even touch her... yet. *smirked at Sari*

Sari: *grabs Mara's shirt* If I hear or see that you did something to her, I'll push you out of the school!

Mara: *glares* Oh really? My family runs an important company, so all schools belong to them. How will you do that? But, your jealous anyway.

Sari: Jealous??

Mara: Yeah. *smirks* You like her too, but you can't do anything to her. That's why you're angry that I do anything I please.

Sari: *blushes* B-Baka! No I'm not! *let's her go* Naruna-chan is just such an innocent girl... I don't want anything to happen to her. So I won't let you, Uchiha, hurt her.

Mara: Yeah, yeah, whatever. *walks to the door* By the way, is this you wanted to talk about with me?

Sari: Actually I just wanted to say that every teacher what teaches my class should appear on the parents meeting. And iff I said every teacher should , then it means you too, got it?

Mara: Alright.

At Naruna's house

Naruna's POV

After getting home I quickly checked the chemistry homework. And how big my surprise was, when I saw that I need to finish 3 pages in the workbook. Is Uchiha-senpai trying to kill me?!
Well, I didn't had anything to left, so I asked Ayane for help oh Skype. So for the last 3 hours we did my homework on video chat.

Ayane: So you add the -2 on the top and that's all. It's quite easy.

Naruna: *head steaming* Ugh.. *facedesk* I still don't get it. But why -2? Why not 1? And why on O is -1??

Ayane: Why? Um well.. *scratches head behind* J-Just it is like that. It's formulas. We can't do anything about it hehe.

Naruna: Better they had formulas of ramen. *stomach growels*

Ayane: *giggling* Haven't you eaten anything?

Naruna: No, with this chemistry I forgot.. Mito!!

Mito: *looks in her room* What nee?

Naruna: Can you make some ramen for me?

Mito: Ramen? Yeah sure. One or two?

Naruna: Just one and if we have strawberries can you give them too?

Mito: Sure thing nee. *smiles and goes to the kitchen*

Naruna: Thanks! *grins*

Ayane: *laughing*

Naruna: Eh? *looks in the computer* What are you laughing at?

Ayane: I noticed every time you do chemistry you want ramen then. Does it give you some appetite?

Naruna: Hehe I think yeah. Thanks for helping Ayane-chan. I'll bring you tomorrow something as "thank you".

Ayane: Ah no need. I'm happy to help you. *smiles cutely*

Some voice in Skype: Ayane, I'm home.

Naruna: Huh? Who is it? *looks at the time* 22:41.. At this late hour? I thought you live alone in an apartment.

Ayane: Ah y-yeah um it's j-just my friend and-

Voice: I'll go take a shower, are you coming with me?

Naruna: ...doesn't sound like a friend. That voice reminds me someone.

Ayane: *nervous smile* I-it's your imagination! S-Sorry I got to go!

Naruna: Ah, wait Ayane-cha-

Call Ended

Naruna: Damn..

Mito: Here is your ramen *puts a bowl on the table* Sorry no strawberries today. Hm? *looks at Naruna* Did something happen?

Naruna: No nothing. *sigh*

Mito: Since you got that chemistry lessons you started to act strange... Do you have bad marks or something?

Naruna: *blushes a bit* O-of course not. Silly nii-chan..

Mito: Aaah *smirks, playful voice* Might it be that you fell in love with Uchiha-sensei?

Naruna: *blushes deep red* H-How did you-?!

Mito: I'm your brother of course. Plus... *points on her pillow on the bed* I read your diary.

Naruna: YOU WHAT?!

Mito: *laughs* Calm down nee I just read about your crush on the teacher. I won't tell mom and dad. Your secret will die with me.

Naruna: If you tell somebody, you will die sooner than you think. *twitch*

Mito: Hehe. *smiles* Why don't you tell your feelings?

Naruna: I-I can't.. Just, w-when I see him I'm starting to get nervous and all. I-I can't even look in his eyes, I start to stare at him.

Mito: Him? But isn't Uchiha-sensei a g- *phone ringing* Hello? Ah yeah I'm free. Sure we can meet! See you in the park after 10 minutes. *ends call* Sorry nee I got to go, Sakiko wanted um..

Naruna: A night walk?

Mito: *blushes* Y-Yeah.

Naruna: *giggles* Okay go. But be home at after 1 hour, or else parents will kill you, and me for letting you go.

Mito: Yeah sure, see you later *waves and leaves*

Naruna: *sighs, looks at the chemistry book* So what am I suppose to do now...?

Next morning at school on chemistry lesson...

Mara: Good morning everyone.

Everyone: Good morning Uchiha-sensei~

Mara: Hope you had time to finish all the homework what I gave you. If not, then get ready to get a bad mark.

Mara started to walk around the class and check the homeworks. Naruna was meanwhile looking out of the window, holding a pen between her lips and when she heard 'a bad mark' her she dropped her pen on the floor.

Naruna: Eh? W-What bad mark?!

Mara: Hm? *looks at Naruna* Did you hear it only right now, Uzumaki? I said yesterday the homework you will do will give you a mark.

Naruna: *turns back to Ayane* I-Is that true?!

Ayane: Didn't I said it to you yesterday before our talk on Skype?

Naruna: Oops... *sweat drop* I guess I forgot about it... *inner: Damn if my homework will get a bad mark, I can't change the mark because Uchiha-senpai won't change the marks in his subject. Got to think out something!*

Naruna had an idea to hide her workbook in her bag and say she 'forgot it at home' she won't get a bad mark, only a "-" and she can fix it later. She took her workbook, bended down to her bag and was about to put it away, when she saw Mara's face right in front of her, holding her pen in her left hand.

Mara: And what are we doing, Uzumaki?

Naruna: W-We em.. *smiles* Nothing.

Mara: Oh really? *smirks a bit, stands up* Trying to hide your undone homework?

Naruna: No I wasn't-

Mara: *writes in the journal in her hands* I'm disappointed in you. I guess I have to put you a F.

Naruna: *stands up* NO YOU CAN'T!!

Mara: *glares* Why can't I then? Not only your homework was undone, but you wanted to hide it. Am I so horrible teacher that you are scared to tell the truth?

Naruna: *mumbles* You're much worse...

Mara: *twitch* What did you say?

Naruna: N-Nothing! *waves with hands* I-I was just-

Mara: That's it! *points at Naruna with hers pen* Detention.

Naruna: *shock* What?

Mara: You are staying here after this lesson, Uzumaki. I've had enough.

Mara gave Naruna her pen and turned around.

Mara: I thought you were a good student, since you were my favourite one, Naruna.

Naruna's eyes widened. Did Mara just say 'a good student'? She is her favourite student? Now... She was her favourite student... What have she just done? She ruined her relationship with her teacher from student-teacher to enemies. She made Mara angry. And everyone knows if you make a Uchiha angry, wait for a big trouble on your ass.

With the argument Mara even forgot to check half of the class homeworks. She asked to give her their workbooks who she didn't give a mark and will return them the next week. The rest of the lesson went quiet.... Very quiet. No one asked anything from Mara something to explain. Girls didn't whisper, boys didn't fool around. It was like if they would make one wrong move and Mara would kill them all. Even Mara's talk and explenations were with an angry and... sad voice?
Naruna just set quietly, staring at her workbook and pen. She didn't write anything, not even listened to Mara's talk. She was just blankly staring at her stuff and... crying. From Naruna's eyes started to drip little tears. She felt so guilty. She never thought that this could happen to her. What ever happened to her that she decided to hide her workbook from a teacher, who she loves a lot. Her heartbeat slowed, she made long breaths and little sobs. Ayane couldn't watch as her best friend was crying. She wanted to cheer her up but... How?

After the lesson ended, everyone went home. Chemistry was their last lesson and today was Friday also. So everyone was free and they left, leaving only Naruna still sitting in the same position.
When Mara was done with the lesson, she put her stuff on her desk and spoke before going out of the class, without looking at Naruna.

Mara: I'll be right back in a moment. Stay here.

And then was heard only a door slam. Naruna's finally broke and she rested her head on her the desk, putting her arms under her face and crying loudly. She didn't know why she cried so much. Anyone could have such trouble in school and no one ever cried. Maybe her hope of confessing her feelings to Mara finally disappeared? She didn't have a chance now, since they are in this situation now.
Naruna's sobs were heard all around the classroom. She was crying so loud that didn't hear how the door opened.

Naruna: *sob* T-This is not fair.. A-All *hic* All I wanted to get close with senpai and now I made it only worse *sob* I'm such an idiot!!

Ayane: Naruna...

Naruna: Huh? *lifts head up*

In front of her desk was standing Ayane, on the right Daisuke, beside him Kai with Akemi and on the left was Din and Suto.

Naruna: W-what are you doing here guys? *wipes her tears* I-I thought you went home.

Akemi: How could we go calmly home, if you are here like this.

Din: We know what do you feel for Uchiha-sensei, Naruna. Ayane-san told us everything. And no matter what, you still are our friend. Even if you are in love with Uchiha-sensei.

Naruna: R-Really?

Kai: Yeah! *grins* Cheer up, Naruna-chan! I bet just Mara was in a bad mood and you got under her hot hand. I'm sure she will be back and will apologize to you. Mara is never angry long, even if you pull a prank on her.

Daisuke: But then she just killed you with homework for 2 weeks. *smirks*

Kai: *sweat drop* Guess I over did then with the cockroaches in her bag back then. *scarthes his head behind*

Ayane: See Naruna-chan? Everything will be okay. And no matter what, we will support you! *smiles cutely*

Naruna: Thanks guys! *grins* But em... Why you call Uchiha-sensei a 'her', if it's a 'him'?

Everyone: ???

Kai: What are you talking about? Mara is a girl.

Naruna: *giggles* No, no, it can't be. If he would be a girl, he would have boobs like all the girls have.

Suto: *laughing* Ahahahaha!!

Naruna: What's so funny?

Suto: Ahaha j-just you hahaha omg I can't breath!! *holds his stomach*

Daisuke: Suto, quit laughing or else I'll punch you. *pissed*

Suto: Sorry, sorry. *tries not to laugh* Ahah, just you are so stupid Naruna, blonde colour sure suits you haha.

Naruna: *blushes a bit* What's wrong with you? Can someone tell me already why you call Uchiha-sensei a girl?!

Hana: Because she's a female.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the door, seeing their math teacher Hyuuga Hana (who is same old as Mara).

Ayane: Hana-senpai~! *happy smile*

Naruna: Female? Sorry but I don't get it-

Hana: Uchiha Mara is a female. The opposite of male. Has boobs, a vagina. Has so called 'woman problem' like every other woman or girl has. She just wears a tank top, it is so tight that it hides her breasts and she likes to wear male clothes because she's a tomboy type.

All the boys were quietly laughing how Hana was explaining to Naruna. Girls tried to keep them quiet. Din was the only one who was quiet.

Naruna: Wait, are you trying to say that... *shocked* I-I'm in love with a w-w-woman..?!

Everyone: *nods*

Ayane: That's why I was trying to make it clear why you love Uchiha-sensei. I guessed you thought she was a man, I tried to say it to you yesterday but couldn't when Hana-sensei came home.

Naruna: Eeeh?! S-So you and Hana-sensei are d....da-

Hana: Dating. *wraps arms around Ayane's waist* Everyone knows it in school. Everyone except you. And I though you and Ayane are close friends.

Ayane: I said it to you a long time ago too, but guess you were busy thoughts about Uchiha-sensei. *giggles*

Naruna: *feels dizzy* Oh my God...

Din: N-Naruna?! *holds her shoulders*

Daisuke: A-Are you feeling alright?

Hana: Heh, she just got a big shock in her life. Imagine if you fall in love with someone and you see them as one gender and then you get to know they are the opposite gender.

Naruna: W-What should I do now? How will I explain this to my parents?!

Hana: *smiles at Naruna* Don't worry sweetie, you will get used to it. But now is the main question: Did your love change for Mara?

Naruna: Change..?

Hana: If you truly love her, then the gender isn't such a big problem to you. Gender doesn't matter when you feel the person belongs to you. Me and Ayane never had problems with it.

Daisuke: Same me and Suto! *grins* We love each other as we are, right Suto?

Suto: *smiles* Right.

Akemi: *touches Naruna's hand* It's your life and heart, you can choose whoever you want. No one will say "no" to you. It's such time that gender doesn't amtter much.

Kai: But I wonder if Mara-sensei loves Naruna-chan back. *looks at Naruna* If not... What will you do then?

Naruna: *sigh* I don't know Kai. I don't know...

Door opens

Mara: *walks in the class* Eh? What's with all the meeting here? *looks at everyone* Hana?

Hana: Hn. Hi Uchiha.

Mara: Don't remember that we had to talk about something, Hyuuga. Can someone explain to me what is happening here?

Hana let go of Ayane and said to everyone to leave. Everyone left the class, Naruna was sitting on her place looking how everyone was leaving. Hana came close to Mara and whispered in her ear.

Hana: If you lose your chance right now, you will be an idiot for the rest of your life.

Mara: *confused* Huh? What did you-

Hana: *smirks*

Mara: *eyes widened* You didn't say to her... Did you?

Hana: Hn. See ya next week. *leaves*

Mara: Hana wait! I demand an explanation right now!

Hana: Have a good Friday night~ *closes the door*

Behind the door

Din: You think it will work?

Hana: I know Mara. It will for sure. And if not, then we will just have to tie those two up together in one room.

Suto: I have a feeling it won't work. *shakes head*

Hana: You need to have a feeling about the mark you need to redo next week, or else you know what I will do with you. *death glare*

Suto: Eek! *hides behind Daisuke* I-I'll redo it! I promise!

Everyone: *laughing at Suto*

Daisuke: *rolls eyes* And you call yourself a man.

Suto: *blushes* Shut up Dais-UKE!!

Ayane: *giggling, looks at Hana* I'm sure they both will be fine.

Hana: Hm, me too. After all, nothing is better when two persons confess their feelings. *kisses Ayane's forehead*

Ayane: *blushes*

Back at the classroom...

Mara was still standing staring at the door. Hana's words just stuck in her head.

Mara's inner: Lose my chance? Friday night? What on Earth did that asshole mean?!

Naruna: Umm, s-senpai?

Mara: Huh? *looks at Naruna* What is it?

Naruna: Umm well... *blushes and looks down, twists fingers* I-I wanted to say t-that... w-well I-

Mara: *chuckles*

Naruna: Eh? *looks at Mara* What??

Mara: *smiles at Naruna* You look so cute when you twist your finger when nervous.

Naruna: *blushes bright red* C-Cute..? *looks away and smiles* ...wait. *opens eyes widly and turns head* Does that mean that you-

When Naruna turned her head to look at Mara but instead to see Mara at the desk, she saw a pair of black eyes right in front of her and soft lips on hers. Naruna's eyes widened, her face turned deep red. After few seconds Mara broke the kiss.

Naruna: S-Senpai.. *feels a bit dizzy*

Mara: I love you.

Naruna: *snaps* Huh?

Mara put her hands on the table and looking straight in to Naruna's bright blue eyes.

Mara: I said 'I love you'. The first day I saw you in this school I fell for you. I thought first it was just a simple crush. I had so many girls before and liked only cute and innocent girls, they were just my toys for fun. But you Naruna... *touches Naruna's cheek* You're not like them. You're more cuter and innocent, but mostly... I have true feelings for you. How about you, Naruna? Do you love me too?

Naruna: I-I...

Mara: Yes..?

Naruna: I-

Everyone who was behind the door now was peeking in the classroom, trying to see and hear their talk.

Kai: Suto move your ass I can't see!

Suto: Then move your dick off my back, I'm not a horse to sit on!

Ayane: Shhh... Keep quiet you two or they will hear us!

Akemi: *standing at the wall* Can't believe they are spying.

Hana: They are Naruna's friends, so they are interested.

Akemi: Why don't you spy on them? I thought you aren't cold to Uchiha-sensei, Hana-sensei.

Hana: Nah, I'm not interested in that Uchiha brat sexual life.

Ayane: Kyaah! Naruna-chan will confess right now! Come on Naruna-chan, go for it! Don't lose such a handsome Uchiha!

Hana: *twitch* But sometimes I just wanna kill her for being so attractive.

Akemi: *giggles*

Kai: Wah- I think I saw Naruna's panties! *blushes*

Daisuke: What are you looking at anyway? Look on the top, not bottom!

Akemi: *angry* Kaaaaai, I will kill you.

Kai: S-Sorry Akemi-chan! *smiles nervously*

Naruna: Senpai, I wanted to say the same to you.

Din: Ah she started!!

Ayane: Kyaah, finally!!

Naruna: But after knowing you're a woman, I over thought...

Everyone: Huh?

Naruna: *stands up and looks at Mara* I don't like you.

Everyone's inner: WHAT?! NOOO!!

Daisuke: Baka! What is she doing?!

Kai: She got such a wonderful chance to confess!

Suto: If this idiot will ruin everything I'll kill her!

Mara: Na..Naruna... D-Don't tell me you don't...

Naruna: No, it's true I liked you. A lot. I couldn't get enough of looking at you. Every day seeing you made my heartbeat skip faster and you made me blush every time you wear close to me. But now... After knowing how much I was blind.. My feelings aren't the same anymore.

Hana: What...? I hope she isn't going to reject Mara's feelings...

Akemi: Is it so bad? It's Naruna's heart. Maybe she doesn't like girls like you thought she did.

Hana: No one rejected Mara's feelings before. Of course it was just feelings and she was just playing with other girls, but she was once in love with one girl. It happened same in High School, I was then her classmate. She fell in love with our P.E. teacher. Mara confessed her feelings but she got rejected. Then was spread a rumor that after she got rejected the teacher ended in a hospital in a surgery section and no one ever heard about her again.

Akemi: What?! Y-You are not trying to say that she will...

Hana: I hope this won't happen... It's like the story is slowly repeating. If so, then Mara can't take another heartbreak, and... Naruna will be in danger then.

Mara: *clenches fist* So... You are trying to say you can't return the feeling..? Heh. *chuckles*

Naruna: Huh? S-Senpai I-

Mara: I thoughts so. What else could I expect from a girl from a good family. I was probably wrong thinking you will love me back. *walks to the window* Sorry for making you listen to my confession and... sorry for the kiss. You can forget about this forever.

Hana: Damn!

Akemi: W-What's wrong?

Hana's flashback

Hana: *spying on Mara behind the door*

P.E. teacher: I'm sorry Mara-chan. I can't return your feelings.

Mara: Huh..?! *looks down* Well.. I was probably wrong thinking you will love me back. Sorry for making you listen to my confession sensei... You can forget about this forever.

End of the flashback

Hana: She said the same words like back then! Then she will right now...

Akemi: W-What?!

Hana: The window!

Akemi: Eh?

Hana: She will jump out of the window! We need to stop her!!

Hana ran to the door and was about to push it open when Naruna spoke.

Naruna: No senpai! *hugs Mara from behind*

Mara: N-Naruna..?

Naruna: You got me wrong! *sob* I-I love Uchiha-senpai! I said I don't like you, because before I liked you a lot, but then I thought you were a man. *sob* B-but now.. *sobs and looks at Mara with a smile* My like has changed in to love.. Love towards you, senpai! I truly love you! More than anything! I want to be with you!

Mara: *shock* Na.. Naruna...

Naruna: I don't care if you're a woman, or that our love won't be right. I accept your feelings! *grins* Will you accept mine also?

Mara's eyes widened and then she smiled softly. She turned to Naruna and hugged her tightly, wrapping her arms around her waist.

Mara: I accept them. I accept you all, Naruna.

Naruna: S-Senpai.. *blushes and smiles cutely, little tears show up* I love my senpai!

Mara: *smiles* Heh, I love you too.

Ayane: *sob*

Daisuke: Why are you crying, Ayane-chan?

Ayane: I-I'm so happy for them... Waah! *cries* They make such a cute couple!

Everyone: *laughs a bit*

Hana: *smiles* Well, if they both are okay now, let's all go home.

Suto: Yeah! *pushes Kai off his back*

Kai: *falls on the floor* Aack!

Suto: I'm so hungry!

Din: Let's go out eat somewhere?

Ayane: How about an ice cream cafe near the school~?

Akemi: Sounds nice to me.

Hana: Let's go then.

Some time later...

Mara and Naruna packed their stuff from the class and both were about to go home. Mara sat behind the computer for a moment to write some marks in the school journal, while Naruna was sitting on a chair beside her table and looking in the computer.

Naruna: Ne, senpai.

Mara: What is it? *keeps eyes on the computer*

Naruna: Is it true that when you were in High School you were in love with your P.E. teacher?

Mara: Well yes. But it was just a childhood love then. I was over it right away when I got rejected.

Naruna: Y-You got rejected?

Mara: Don't I look like a person that can get rejected? *smiles a bit and glances at Naruna*

Naruna: Well... Y-Yeah maybe but I heard rumor around the school...

Mara: What rumor? *looks at Naruna surprised*

Naruna: Um.. *looks away* T-That the P.E. teacher got in the surgery section in the hospital and was gone the next day and no one heard about her anything... The.. The rumors say it happened because you got rejected.

Mara: *laughs* Hahaha..

Naruna: S...Senpai?

Mara: Ahahah! Can't believe this rumor still excists hahaha! *wipes little tear off from laughing*

Naruna: So.. I-Is that true? *looks carefully at Mara*

Mara: Well only half. *looks at the scieling* Yes I was in love with my P.E. teacher, she was a girl and of course I got rejected. I was then same old as you and she was much older than me then. I heard she was a lesbian too so that's why I started to feel interesed in her and she liked me too. But I mistaked her likeness for me as love. So I fell for her and told her my feelings. But back then she already had someone to love so she had to reject me. *giggles* But she said she still likes me back and that I was really cute. I would probably have someone else in my life, I just had to wait. So I didn't take the rejection so seriously. I got over it right away and we stayed like friends and sometimes I visited her place.

Naruna: Ah, so senpai wasn't hurt? *smiles* Good then! But... What happened to her?

Mara: What do you mean 'what happened'? She was fine and even is right now. Just she had an operation on appendicit. She had some pain in her stomach but that day when I got rejected, we started to go home and she felt a sharp pain and started to vomit. I called the ambulance and they took her tot he hospital. The next day the headmaster told us that she left the school. I guess then the rumor started. They though I hurted her or something. But she was fine. And she called me after one day and said she is pregnant. When the surgery was over the doctors made a check up and she was pregnant. She and her lover planning to have a child a long time ago so that's why she had to leave school. She had to start taking different lessons on for pregnants and such stuff. Right now she moved to America with her family and she calls me on Skype time to time. This summer I planned to visit her.

Naruna: Oh...

Mara: What's wrong Naruna? Aren't you happy the rumor isn't true?

Naruna: O-Of course I am! But who ever started it is a bad person. Everyone probably though senpai is bad. It's so not true! Senpai is the best! *pouts*

Mara: Huh? *surprises and smiles* Silly, did you really thought I could hurt someone? *smiles and rubs Naruna's head*

Naruna: *blushes* Hmph, rumors make anyone believe...

Mara: *chuckles* Alright I'm done witht he marks. Let's go home, shal we?

Naruna: *nods* Yeah! *jumps up* Let's go home-

Mara: *looks at Naruna* What is it?

Naruna: I-I can't go home...

Mara: Eh? Why not?

Naruna: My parents will kill me if they will know I have F in chemistry... Senpaaai!! Please change the mark!

Mara: Well I don't know.. *rolls eyes, makes playful voice* I have to think about that.

Naruna: *stands on knees and makes cute eyes* Pretty please!! I'll make double homework if you want~

Mara: Heh. *smirks, grabs Naruna's chin and kisses her*

Naruna: Mmh?! *blushes*

Mara: *stops* This will be enough.

Naruna: S-Senpai...

Mara: *touches the computer mice and looks at Naruna* Will B be enough for you?

Naruna: Ah, yes! *stands up and smiles* Thank you senpai! Oh...

Mara: *changes the mark* What?

Naruna: I just thought.. If senpai changed my bad mark to a good one only with one kiss. Could I change then all the other bad marks the same way too?

Mara: Eh? *confused* ...ah. *smirks* Weeeell, if you want to change your all bad marks to good ones, you have to do more than just a kiss.

Naruna: More than just a kiss..? What do you mean-..

Mara: *licks lips* How about additional lessons, Naruna-chan?

Naruna: *blushes deep red* S-SENPAI!! YOU PERVERT!!

The End XD

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