Colt 45 : Night of Decision


My thank to MortClio upload Colt.45 ,Night of Decision episode by my request.

Leonard Nimoy appearance went out so much better than my expected! He pops up at 4.20 [Press 4 button,ladies.This tip I learn today.]Watch by yourself.Now I'm watching part 1 over and over again like crazy.Screencaps will post later.I recommend this video for Nimoy and western series fans.

Off topic.Wayde Preston is so handsome.Is he a prototype of Rattlesnake in Rango? That hat! That mustache! I just watch this movie today.

Colt 45

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2011-03-20 в 00:31 

wow, Leonard is amazing!:)))
I have this episode in avi: www.megaupload.com/?d=TMLS8YJ0 (440 MB)

2011-03-20 в 05:48 

jiggy pepper
jiggy pepper
Leonard amazingly beautiful! So why is his always kill :weep2:

2011-03-20 в 11:23 

lizzzzzik Awwww Thank for DL link.I'm haveing problem with keepvid.com right now.
orifo You! You! Spoil me!!!! :duma:
Alright bad guy fate in retro Cowboy series is quite predictable as a Red shirt.:rotate: Don't think hard.In real life,LN will has party in his Birthday.See twitter.com/TheRealNimoy/statuses/4839829929159...

TheRealNimoy: I'm turning 80 on 3/26. Having a monster party. 100 family and friends traveling from great distances. to celebrate the joys of life.. LLAP

2011-03-20 в 12:59 

That's it. You've corrupted me. I'm joining Twitter )))
Thanks for the movie, another Nimoy-watching night is on the agenda ) Pity his guy has to be killed.

2011-03-20 в 14:45 

cuppa_tea Welcome to flying Whale world!!!

Oh! yeah.To force a hero digs a grave is concidered a susseed.Keep clam and be valian.I'm afraid house kick him when he slaps the house butt.>-<

2011-03-20 в 18:53 

jiggy pepper
jiggy pepper
ribbonrain Oh, sorry, I thought you already looked)

but you yourself say that all his bad characters die))

2011-03-20 в 19:52 

Fascinating message in Twitter! Thank you!

2011-03-22 в 20:32 

orifo I didn't say that.Bad guy fate in retro western/crime American tv series has 2 choices.One-death.Two-rest in jail.Hero always win and never die.)))

Зеленый эльф Welcome dear.I redirect LJ entry,Tumblr and YouTube on Twitter,but don't tweet much.I have no Blackberry.^^

2011-03-22 в 22:02 

Dear ribbonrain! you're a big information specialist. Do you know the details of the upcoming celebration?

Have a dream to celebrate with Leonard at least virtually, to be little-little closer))) :dance3:

2011-04-01 в 17:02 

Зеленый эльфhahaha sorry.I don't know.it's news he shares.^^


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