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The Pointy Ears Are Gone,But Dig That Crooked Mustache!

Leonard Nimoy, alias Mr.Spock from T's "Star Trek", takes on several different identities as he displays his character-acting prowss on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW on Monday May 07 1973 (Show#MD 0430/73) at...on channel... He tries out his romantic French accent and not-too-authentic crooked mustache for MIKE and his guests DON MURRY, actress NANCY FOX, psychies MR. AND MRS. PETER URKOS, and cohosts MARTIN MILNER AND KENT MC CORD.

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I search for video and more information,but don't find it on http://www.leonardnimoy.de/ and from other sources episode date is not same.(((

The Mike Douglas Show Himself December 7, 1978
The Mike Douglas Show Himself Week of April 30, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself October 4, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself April 26, 1967
The Mike Douglas Show Himself February 5, 1980
The Mike Douglas Show Himself December 21, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself June 17, 1977

Source : http://www.tv.com/leonard-nimoy/person/3471/appearances.html

The Mike Douglas Show (TV series)
– Episode dated 28 December 1973 (1973) … Himself

From http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000559/

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2011-03-14 в 11:02 

Where there's no emotion, there's no motive for violence
AAA!!! He is so funny!!!!

2011-03-14 в 13:01 

jiggy pepper
jiggy pepper
it fun and ridiculously))) the classical image of the French artist - he still needs a palette and brush in hand

2011-03-14 в 15:29 

Barbuzuka orifo Yep! I have no idea what charecter he is Franch artish? Vincent on 1991?


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