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[Naruto, databook] Rin no Sho
Naruto Rin no Sho (Databook 1) Raw (9.07.2002)

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Перевод с мангахелперсов на английский:

Akimichi Chouji

Akimichi Chouji (秋道チョウジ )
Konoha, Genin

I am not fat!!

Ninjutsu: 3,0
Taijutsu: 2,0
Genjutsu: 0,5
Intelligence: 0,5
Strength: 3,0
Speed: 1,0
Stamina: 2,0
Seals: 1,0

Total ability: 2
Potential: 2
Luck: 4

When using his clan's many secrets, he can be expected to fight better than his data suggests. When food is at stake, his ability goes up drastically.

It's chubby style! He~y!!

The successor of the Akimichi-clan's hope, Chubby -style

[picture of Asuma bribing Chouji with the promise of Korean Barbecue]
↑Asuma makes him do his best using Korean Barbecue as bait. Chouji is at his best when fishing for food.

A Chubby-style ninja, born into the traditional family lineage of the Akimichi-clan. Although his body shape doesn't look much like that of a ninja at first glance, he splendidly graduated from the Academy! "Food" being the source of his power, Chouji's speciality is shown when he's eating. Because he's delicate and sensitive to the word "fatty," his youth went off with a false start...!?

Ninja registration number: 012625
Date of Birth: 1st May (12-years-old, Taurus)
Height: 150,6cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: B
Personality: Glutton, easygoing
Favourite food: Korean barbecue, snack pastries
Least favourite food: Inedible things
Desired opponent: When out of food, anyone is OK
Favourite word: Meat (肉, niku)
Hobbies: Buying (and immediately consuming) sweets

Academy graduation age: 12
Chuunin promotion age: currently taking the exam
Mission experience:
D-rank: 6
C-rank: 2
B-rank: 0
A-rank: 0
S-rank: 0

He doesn't just have Chubby-style! He has a well-liked Chubby-style, that even gets girl's to care for him

Taboo word

[picture of Zaku Abumi calling Chouji fat]
→With the word "fatty" as the trigger, the inner Chouji (?) is awakened.
[picture of Chouji getting angry]
←The fighting strength of the raging Chouji is unknown.


Go-Ikenban (ご意見番, Honoured Opinion Watch)
Konoha, No ranks


Mitokado Homura(水戸門ホムラ )

Guiding the village through troubled times!!

Judging the constantly changing state of affairs in an instant and making sure that the village continues to make progress; this is the mission of the Go-Ikenban. Currently holding this position is Homura, who has been the Sandaime Hokage's friend since childhood and who has accomplished many missions with him. Having shown great prudence and efficiency while working with the Hokage, the Jounin have absolute faith in him as well.

↓His social position is about as high as the Hokage's. He's a good counsellor, giving the Hokage advice.
[Picture of the Sandaime addressing Homura's concerns]

Ninja Registration Number: 000293
Date of birth: 8th May (68-years-old; Taurus)
Height: 166cm
Weight: 55.2kg
Blood type: A
Personality: Authoritarian, composed
Favourite food: Natto, Soba with Welsh onion
Least favourite food: Okonomiyaki


Utatane Koharu (うたたねコハル;)

That support... it's delicate, yet sound!!

Also one of the Go-Ikenban is Koharu. Just like Homura, this kunoichi has the duty to lead the village on the right course when times are difficult. The decision is ultimately up to the Hokage, but to avoid a one-sided view of the matters, the decision is made after getting advice from Homura and Kohaku. This is now the usual practice in the village.

It's dangerous to move carelessly

[picture of the Go-Ikenban sitting on either side of the Sandaime Hokage]
←The two are seated so they can slip in a word to the Hokage. Both sides firmly support the Hokage.

Ninja Registration Number: 000256
Date of birth: 1st September (68-years-old; Virgo)
Height: 153cm
Weight: 46.3kg
Blood type: A
Personality: Collectivist*, modest
Favourite food: Umeboshi, Iced noodles with mixed [vegetables]
Least favourite food: Yoghurt

*gives priority to the group, rather than any individual member.

Shodai Hokage

Shodai Hokage (初代火影, Founding Fire Shadow)
Konoha, Hokage

Is the world at war, no matter what age...?

The founder of what became the great "Konohagakure no Sato"

Going back about 60 years from now... A shinobi with excelling power collected a great number of shinobi and established a new village. This shinobi was the Shodai Hokage. The founder of Konohagakure no Sato. However, this was a time when the world was at war. At the same time the village began to flourish, he lost his life.

[picture of the Shodai Hokage performing Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of a World of Trees]
↑"Birth of a World of Trees," the art of calling forth trees and plants, was the Shodai's characteristic ninjutsu.

*Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of a World of Trees (木遁秘術・樹界降誕, Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan).

Nidaime Hokage

Nidaime Hokage (二代目火影, Second Fire Shadow)
Konoha, Hokage

It's been a while ...Saru*...

The Shodai Hokage's younger brother who laid the foundation stone of the present village through his tremendous leadership

The Nidaime is the Shodai's younger brother by blood, who inherited his brother's dying wish and was called "Hokage" after the Shodai died. He endeavoured in the founding of the Academy and the establishment of the village's organisational system. However, shortly thereafter the Shinobi World War broke out. He entrusted the wishes of the suppression of war and the prospering of the village to his successor and died a noble death.

←He was a superior ninjutsu user, being able to use Water Release without being near the waterside, among many other feats.

*Saru (サル, Monkey). The nickname the Nidaime used for the Sandaime, Sarutobi.


Bunshin no Jutsu

Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, et al

Creating one's own after-image and confusing the enemy!!

A ninjutsu that creates an after-image of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively.

[picture of Sakura and two of her clones attacking Ino]
↑As Ino said, the "Clone Technique" is a ninjutsu that every ninja can use.


◆Shinobi◆An elementary technique, even used as the Academy graduation exam

This technique, used in the graduation exam, is one of the ninjutsu Naruto is poor at. Because of it, he has failed the exam three times...

Doton: Shinchuu Zanshu no Jutsu

Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique (土遁・心中斬首の術, Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Hatake Kakashi

Dragging underground and aiming for the neck!!

This ninjutsu lets the user, lurking underground with their entire body, drag the target into the earth, and with the target's body's freedom is snatched away, launch an attack. When Kakashi used this ninjutsu against Sasuke he stopped after having pulled him underground, but the real intention is to decapitate the enemy or torture them from this point.

↓Sasuke state as freshly a severed head. As one might expect, he has no choice but to give up his resistance because of this.
[picture of Sasuke buried from the neck down]

Gogyou Fuuin

Five Elements* Seal (五行封印, Gogyou Fuuin)
Fuuinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Orochimaru

[picture of Orochimaru performing the Five Element Seal on Naruto]
[picture of the kanji for the Five Elements appearing on Orochimaru's fingertips]
→The moment the "Five Elements Seal" is used, Orochimaru concentrates wicked chakra to his five fingertips!

A demonic seal carved to disturb the Kyuubi's power~~

To disturb the effect of the "Four Images Seal" the Yondaime Hokage performed on Naruto, Orochimaru sealed Naruto once more. Because the "Five Element Seal," an odd-numbered seal, was put on top of the even-numbered "Four Images Seal"**, the Kyuubi's chakra was prevented from returning to Naruto. From then on, Naruto's own chakra and that of the Kyuubi's became jumbled and Naruto lost the ability to skilfully control it.

*Gogyou (五行 ) refers to the five elements from Chinese philosophy: Metal (金, Chinese: Jīn), Wood (木, Chinese: Mù;), Water (水, Chinese: Shuǐ ), Fire (火, Chinese: Huǒ ), and Earth (土, Chinese: Tǔ ). The elemental techniques in Naruto use different elements: Earth (土, Tsuchi), Water (水, Mizu), Fire (火, Hi), Wind (風, Kaze), and Lightning (雷, Kaminari). Those are based on the five elements from Japanese philosophy, the Godai (五大 ): Earth (地, Chi), Water (水, Sui), Fire (火, Ka), Wind (風, Fuu), and Void (空, Kuu).
**Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)

Gogyou Kaiin

Five Element* Unseal (五行解印, Gogyou Kaiin)
Fuuinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Jiraiya

An unsealing technique for destroying evil seals~~~

The unsealing technique Jiraiya used to release the "Five Elements Seal"** Orochimaru performed on Naruto. By concentrating chakra to his fingertips and hitting Naruto's navel, the sealing formula carved into Naruto's abdomen unravels and disappears. Jiraiya, being who he is, removed the seal easily, but this is an unsealing technique of a considerably high level. Even for jounin using this technique would be difficult. Thanks to this unsealing technique, Naruto regained the ability to control his chakra.

[picture of Jiraiya hitting Naruto's stomach with the Five Element Unseal]
↑Naruto's face... is kind of pained?
[picture of the Five Element Seal disappearing]
←The moment Orochimaru's sealing formula disappears.

*Gogyou (五行 ) refers to the five elements from Chinese philosophy: Metal (金, Chinese: Jīn), Wood (木, Chinese: Mù;), Water (水, Chinese: Shuǐ ), Fire (火, Chinese: Huǒ ), and Earth (土, Chinese: Tǔ ). The elemental techniques in Naruto use different elements: Earth (土, Tsuchi), Water (水, Mizu), Fire (火, Hi), Wind (風, Kaze), and Lightning (雷, Kaminari). Those are based on the five elements from Japanese philosophy, the Godai (五大 ): Earth (地, Chi), Water (水, Sui), Fire (火, Ka), Wind (風, Fuu), and Void (空, Kuu).
**Five Elements Seal (五行封印, Gogyou Fuuin)

Hakke no Fuuin-shiki

Eight Trigrams* Sealing-style (八卦の封印式, Hakke no Fuuin-shiki)
Fuuinjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Yondaime Hokage

The double seal that sealed the Kyuubi's immense chakra~~~

When the Yondaime Hokage sealed the Demon Fox inside of Naruto, the effect was made stronger by putting together two "Four Symbols Seals"**. At that time, he also left an opening at the space where the sealing formulas meet, allowing the Demon Fox's chakra to merge with Naruto's chakra. This sealing-style, because it consists of two "Four Symbols Seals," is called an "Eight Trigrams Sealing-style".

[picture of the Kyuubi attacking Konoha]
←The tremendous Demon Fox's chakra is inside the small body of Naruto!!

*The Eight Trigrams (Bāguà in Chinese) come from Taoist cosmology and are closely related to the concept of Yin-Yang.
**Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)

Harem no Jutsu

Harem Technique (ハーレムの術, Hāremu no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary
User: Uzumaki Naruto

[picture of Ebisu being overwhelmed by Naruto's Harem Technique]
↑Ebisu's poker face is turned into a truly deplorable expression...

Bewildering the heart
A (confidential) ninjutsu!!

The "Sexy Technique¹" combined with the "Multiple Shadow Clones Technique²"; a technique that to the enemy seems like a dazzling dream!? The several dozen beautiful naked women latch on to the opponent's legs, arms, neck, his whole body in their attack of temptation, luring the opponent into a world of debauchery <3 No matter how serious a person, they cannot win against human instinct. Their face will adorn a smile expressing life's most supreme bliss. If a charming pose is taken, the opponent will be knocked out, fainting due to massive blood loss.

[picture of a female Naruto making a cute face]
→When asked with this face, no-one could refuse... right!?

¹ Sexy technique (おいろけの術, Oiroke no Jutsu)
² Multiple Shadow Clones technique (多重影分身の術, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)

Henge no Jutsu

Transformation Technique (変化の術, Henge no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Iruka, et al

Deceiving the enemy by changing ones appearance!!

Given all the missions ninja are assigned to -battle, intelligence gathering, diversions- this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This gives this technique an abundance of uses.

[picture of Naruto's terrible transformation into the Sandaime Hokage]
←On the other hand, a "Transformation Technique" performed by an inexperienced person will have... obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it.

[pictures of cancelling his transformation into Naruto]
↑→The transformation of a skilful shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article!! It will be impossible to tell the two apart.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

A ninjutsu that creates a true copy of something. What makes it different from the normal "Clone Technique"* is that it creates a clone with substance, making them able to perform physical attacks. It's a high grade ninjutsu, allowing the clone to various techniques of the user. It used to be Naruto's worst skill, but nowadays it's his favourite by far. The way he uses it is also extraordinarily clever.

That shadow
It changes into yet another real body!!

[picture of Naruto attacking Zabuza from behind]
[picture of Naruto attacking Neji from the ground]
←↑By using the clone to attract the enemy's attention, the real body can appear from an unexpected place and launch an attack! This is the clever way the "Shadow Clone Technique" can be used.

*Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu)

Kamaitachi no Jutsu

Kamaitachi* Technique (カマイタチの術, Kamaitachi no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
User: temari

A whirlwind of blades, crowned with a bewitching name!!

This bold move is Temari's speciality. By freely manipulating the gale brought forth by her giant fan, the many air currents collide and create vacuums pockets. The person enveloped by this gale is assaulted by countless invisible blades, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet.

[picture of the Kamaitachi Technique cutting into a tree]
→The invisible blades created by the air turbulence slash at the surface of a large tree. That sounds echoes like an extremely sharp knife...!

*A Kamaitachi (鎌鼬 ), or "Sickle Weasel" is a creature from Japanese folklore. It's a weasel holding a sickle, or having sickle-like claws. They ride whirlwinds, often in pairs of three, and cut people.

Kawarimi no Jutsu

Change of Body Technique (変わり身の術, Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
Users: Hatake kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, et al.

That body - In an instant, it changes into a block of wood, taking the enemy by surprise!!

With this technique, one replaces their own body with a block of wood or something, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. It's a basic ninjutsu even taught at the Academy, but it's a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations!!

[picture of Kakashi being hit by kunai and shuriken]
[picture of the log Kakashi switched with, filled with kunai and shuriken]
←↓Kakashi's magnificent "Change of Body technique". Naruto saw nothing else but him being hit by the attack.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu
Summoning Technique (口寄せの術, Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

[pictures of Jiraiya smearing blood over his summoning tattoo and slamming his hand on the ground]
→Jiraiya uses his left hand. Naruto uses his right hand for the contract. In any case, the user's blood is essential.

Through a blood contract, fantastic creatures can be called forth!!

This is a kind of space-time ninjutsu, allowing the user to summon any living being with whom they signed a contract in blood, at any time and place they desire. The summoned creature will obey the user with its life, helping in every situation, whether it be fighting or fleeing. The user smears their own blood on the hand they signed the contract with and kneads chakra by doing handseals. Then by turning the palm of that hand to the place they want to summon, they call forth a subordinate they can rely on.

↓It's not a technique someone of genin-level should use. However, Naruto successfully signed a contract.
[picture of Naruto signing the Toads' contract scroll]

Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei

Summoning: Impure World* Ressurection (口寄せ・穢土転生, Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei)
Ninjutsu, S-rank, Supplementary
User: Orochimaru

Using a living person as a medium**, it calls back a deceased person to this world.

[picture of Orochimaru putting a fuda*** inside the Shodai Hokage's head]
↑Within this body is a human sacrifice!?

[picture of the resurrected Shodai and Nidaime Hokage]
→The deceased has to obey the user of the technique...

A sinful summoning technique, resurrecting a deceased person back into this world. It uses a living human sacrifice as a vessel to hold the deceased in this world. The sacrifice the deceased descents in, is covered by a shroud of dust in the shape the deceased's body had in life. The technique itself, because it's a kinjutsu that's too inhuman, had it's existence concealed...

*Edo (穢土, "Dirty Soil") is what Japanese Buddhists call the world normal, unenlightened people live in. The current, living world. The world of the people who have not yet have escaped the polluting thoughts (greed, hatred, delusion, etc.) that result in suffering.
**The word used for medium is "yorishiro" (依り代 ). A yorishiro is an object capable of housing a Kami (神, the shinto concept of gods), allowing them to occupy physical space. Persons can also house Kami, but they are called "yorimashi" (依巫 ). The fact that the word yorishiro is used here shows how inhuman this technique is, treating the sacrifices as nothing more than objects.
***A fuda, or o-fuda (御札 ) is a kind of talisman or charm, made of paper. It is placed on walls, pillars, doors , and windows as a guard against evil spirits and such. They are often seen in manga and anime as a kind of mystical weapon. The exploding tags in Naruto are fuda, for example.

Makyou Hyoushou

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals (魔鏡氷晶, Makyou Hyoushou)
Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Close to mid-range (0-10m)
User: Haku

The abominable and tremendous ability, passed down only within Haku's clan... The "Kekkei Genkai: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals" is a technique wrapped up in many mysteries. Only one thing is clear: it is said that no method in existence can defeat this technique. In an instant, multiple mirrors of ice are created around the enemy, reflecting nothing but Haku. For Haku, it's possible to move between the mirrors at the speed of light. It's impossible to see attacks send out from this literal light speed movement. For the opponent, nothing is left but to wait in amazement.

↓Every single ice mirror shows Haku's reflection!? Under these circumstances, one could say it's impossible to see all of Haku's attacks.
[picture of Sasuke being surrounded by mirrors reflecting Haku]

The technique carved in cursed blood
Inside the demonic mirrors is Haku's phantom world!!

[picture of Naruto's Shadow Clones being defeated by Haku]
←Naruto tries to attack the real body, but the moment after he starts his attack, Haku has already moved to another mirror.

The Different Varieties of Clones

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Five

The Clone Technique is the most basic of basic ninjutsu. It's easy to use, even for genin. However, on the other hand, it's very interesting since the villages established their own characteristic clone methods and there exist techniques of extraordinarily high difficult. It also has many different uses.

[picture of a stylised Naruto]
Clone Technique
Clones that hold chakra are indistinguishable from the real body.

[picture of Zabuza's Water Clone]
The Water Clone Technique uses water as a medium.

Bunshinjutsu that create clones using chakra
●Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu)
●Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
●Multiple Shadow Clones Technique (多重影分身の術, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
●Haze Clone Technique (朧分身の術, Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu)

Bunshinjutsu using other methods
Clones using genjutsu
●Mist Follower Technique (霞従者の術, Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu)
Clones that are people or animals imitating oneself.
●Beast Human Clone (獣人分身, Juujin Bunshin)
Clones using chakra + a medium
●Water Clone Technique (水分身の術, Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu)

Shikyaku no Jutsu

Quadruped Technique (四脚の術, Shikyaku no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
User: Inuzuka Kiba

Accelerated fighting instinct
The speed of a wild animal baring its fangs!!

One of the Beast Imitation Ninja Arts*, a beast transformation allowing one to mimic the beasts' movement. By stretching chakra around one's entire body and moving on all fours, one obtains super-high speed, like that of a wild animal.
The power of an attack during this acceleration is incredible, and because the accuracy is also increased, hunting down the prey with a hit-and-run tactic fits Kiba best while using this technique.

[picture of Kiba standing on all fours]
[picture of Kiba attacking Naruto after having used this technique]
←↑From that characteristic pose, he charges at once with breakneck speed, unable to be followed, even with one's eyes!!

*擬獣忍法 (Gijuu Ninpou). Literally "Imitation Beast Ninja Art".


Four Purple Flames Formation (四紫炎陣, Shishienjin)
Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Mid-range (5-10m)
Users: Sound Four

Burning purple walls
An absolute barrier ninjutsu!!

A solid, strong barrier formation, performed by the four elite Sound-nin. Standing in a square formation, the performers are covered from all sides. The faces of the barrier are made form purple flames. The body of anyone touching it will immediately be engulfed in flames. In addition, there is no way to destroy the formation from the inside the barrier, since the four people also have a barrier inside the barrier, protecting them. Breaking out is extremely difficult.

Shishou Fuuin
Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)
Fuuinjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Yondaime Hokage

A sealing formula that seals evil using a circle four images!!

As the result of a fuuinjutsu, a sealing formula is carved into, for instance, a human body or an object. The "Four Images Seal" is one of these. This sealing formula is mainly used when a giant enemy or evil spirit needs to be sealed. To use it, it is necessary for the user to have great ability. In Naruto, two of these "Four Images Seals" have been carved. This is called an "Eight Trigrams Sealing-style"*.

[picture of an infant Naruto with the freshly carved Kyuubi seal on his stomach]
→On Naruto's abdomen is the "Sealing Formula of the Kyuubi." The Yondaime Hokage performed it on the infant Naruto.

*Eight Trigrams Sealing-style (八卦の封印式, Hakke no Fuuin-shiki)


Mystical Palm Technique* (掌仙術, Shousenjutsu)
Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
User: Yakushi Kabuto

Using the power of chakra, this restoring medical art can heal both the inside and outside of the body~~~

[picture of Kabuto healing Hinata]
↓→it naturally heals external wounds, but it is also very effective against illnesses inside the body.
[picture of Kabuto healing the wound under his eye]

By sending chakra from the hand to the wound or affected part, this shocking medical technique rapidly increases the healing ability of that part, healing it. It is necessary to control the amount of chakra so that it matches up with the severity of the injury. Among the ninja doctors, only a few people can use it. Also, one can trap someone in a comatose state by sending an excess amount of chakra into their body, putting their normal circulation out of order.

*This name is difficult to translate. The kanji literally mean "Palm Sage Technique". The "Sage Technique" part is written the same as the Senjutsu Jiraiya and Naruto learned from the frogs, but it refers to something different here. The name does come from Sennin, but here it refers to the Sennin's alleged immortality. Senjutsu is said to be the secret of this immortality. A 'proper' translation would be "the technique [that heals the body through the] palms of the hands [bringing to mind the way] Sennin managed to become immortal".
I chose to translate it as "Mystical palm Technique" since that is basically what this name amounts to. A technique that uses the palms to heal in a mystical sort of way.

Shunshin no Jutsu

Body Flicker Technique (瞬身の術, Shunshin no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
Users: Gaara, Hatake Kakashi, et al

A movement technique with extreme speed like a gust of wind!!

Appearing along with the wind, disappearing like the wind: the ninja's instantaneous movement technique. This super fast movement is almost impossible to grasp with the naked eye. If seen by an ordinary person, it would seem as if the user has teleported... In reality, the user has vitalized his body with chakra and moved at super speeds. The amount of chakra used up differs depending on the distance and elevation of their stopping point in comparison to the starting point.

The cloud of sand dances in the wind

[picture of Gaara using the Body Flicker]
[picture of Haku using the Body Flicker]
[picture of Kakashi using the Body Flicker]
↑→Haku's and Kakashi's Body Flicker. Dancing leaves and disappearing in an instant like mist. There are many variations of the "Body Flicker" for the various villages and user. Gaara's use includes the "Sand Body Flicker"*. There are also the "Mist Body Flicker"**, "Water Body Flicker"***, and "Leaf Body Flicker"****, among many others.

*Sand Body Flicker (砂瞬身, Suna Shunshin)
**Mist Body Flicker" (霧瞬身, Kiri Shunshin)
***Water Body Flicker" (水瞬身, Mizu Shunshin)
****"Leaf Body Flicker" (木ノ葉瞬身, Konoha Shunshin)

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (手裏剣影分身の術, Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
A Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
User: Sandaime Hokage

Multiplying the shuriken with the power of chakra
A formation of iron blades from which there's no escape!!

From one shuriken a thousand Shadow Clones¹ are brought forth, striking down on the enemy. A technique combining ninja tools with ninjutsu, Compared to normal Shadow Clones, Shadow Clones of material objects are said to be on a far higher level. There is no need for preparations beforehand, like stocking up on shuriken, yet since the Shadow Clones are real and not illusions, all the shadow blades that fly around are equally lethal. As a technique invented by the Third Hokage, its conceptualisation and efficiency can certainly be said to be unique to the "Professor".

Dancing wildly are countless shadow blades!!

[picture of the Third Hokage throwing a single shuriken]
[picture of dozens of shuriken flying towards Orochimaru]
↑→By throwing one shuriken and creating clones, in just an instant it will change into a thousand blades. Completely evading them with one's body is next to impossible. It really is a blade formation of absolute besiegement!!

¹ Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)

Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu

Multiple Shadow Clones Technique (多重影分身の術, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

That shadow... wiping out the enemy by becoming a thousand warriors!!

[picture of the masses of clones Naruto summoned during his fight with Mizuki]
[Naruto's clones starting their attack]
↑←Ever since he first used it to defeat Mizuki, the "Shadow Clone Technique" became one of Naruto's most frequently used ninjutsu.

A technique developed from the "Shadow Clone," a ninjutsu that creates clones with actual substance. Countless Shadow Clones... The exact number depends on the amount of chakra used, but in any case the amount of. chakra consumed is far too great. For this reason, no ninja below Hokage, save for a limited few, can use this technique without risking their life. For that reason, the Shodai Hokage sealed this technique inside the Scroll of Seals* as a forbidden move. The reason Naruto was able to learn this technique was his amazing stamina.

*Scroll of Seals (封印の書, Fuuin no Sho). The scroll Mizuki tricks Naruto into stealing.

Uzumaki Naruto Rendan

Uzumaki Naruto Combo¹ (うずまきナルト連弾, Uzumaki Naruto Rendan)
Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
User: Uzumaki Naruto

An intense five-man combo, released together with his Shadow Clones!!

Using the "Shadow Clone Technique²," Naruto divides himself in five. As they yell "U-ZU-MA-KI," the four clones kick the enemy into the air. Then, while the enemy is floating in mid-air, the final body assaults it with a rotating heel drop³! The name of the technique is directly lifted off Sasuke's "Lion Combo*," however it can be said to be a Naruto-original ninjutsu. A skilful mix between ninjutsu and taijutsu, it's an ingenious killing method.

[picture of Naruto and four of his shadow clones standing in a row]
↑The "U-ZU-MA-KI NARUTO COMBO!" requires five bodies.

[picture of two clones kicking Kiba up into the air]
→Using four bodies to attack simultaneously. The preliminary movements resemble those of Rock Lee's "Reverse Lotus"**.

¹ Rendan (連弾 ) is the Japanese term for a piano combo. To people playing on one piano. The kanji of the word can be translated as "connected hits". "Combo" captures the meaning of both well enough.
² Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
³ Rotating heel drop (回転かかと落とし, Kaiten kakato-otoshi). A heel drop is a kick that moves the leg downward, hitting the opponent with the heel. The rotating part is where Naruto spins his entire body to give the kick more power.
* Lion Combo (獅子連弾, Shishi Rendan)
** Reverse Lotus (裏蓮華, Ura Renge)


Type: Ninjutsu
User(s): Hatake Kakashi
Use: Attack
Range: Close
Rank: S

Black: In one swing, this swift stab turns into a famous blade that can even cut lightning!!

Picture 1: Ending in a single point, this huge amount of chakra is a wonder even to the eyes of the enemy!! It predicts a hopeles future.
Picture 2: Kakashi's "Chidori" cut lightning...that legend is the origin of the name "Raikiri".

The one who is said to have copied over 1000 jutsu, Kakashi's single original technique, this is "Raikiri"! Gai says that the true nature of this technique is "a regular stab", but the amazing time when you see this huge amount of chakra is gathered in the hand, Kakashi's arm becomes a famous blade that can cut through anything.
Kakashi, named "Konoha's greatest technician", created this ultimate secret art himself. It is really a simple technique perfected by honing it to the limit, an artisan's technique.


Type: Ninjutsu
User(s): Uchiha Sasuke
Use: Attack
Range: Close
Rank: A

Black: That chirping penetrates even the most tenacious rocks.

Picture 1: The released chakra gives off a "chicchicchi" noise which can be
compared to birds' voices.
Picture 2: When Kakashi uses it, "Chidori" is known as "Raikiri".

By activating the body, a great amount of chakra is brought forth and concentrated into one arm. Furthermore, by running a long distance, this turns into a high-speed stab of destructive power!! The movement is a mere stab, but this great technique boasts such large power that it was able to open a hole in Gaara's sand defence.

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