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Title: How We Made A Legend
Author: Asahi_no_heiwa aka Anonym-kun
Characters: all of DBSK and those who they happened to meet
Genre: light angst, fantazy, OOC. And, yeah, AU.
Rating: no more than PG-15. For the filthy language and occasional reference of blood scenes
Pairing: I don't plan one, though many might see a plenty of accidental hints.
Fandom: K-pop; DBSK
Disclaimer: I don't own anything here other than the plot itself.
Placement: if someone accidently sees this and even wants to place it somewhere else - better to inform me and to get my approval. For the dumb ones - you MUST do this. There's the beginning on the Asianfanfiction, but I think you get the idea that it's actually me, too. Might as well delete it there later.
His existence is too boring and uninteresting and the only wish now that is left is to stop this bizarre neverending story of him on this damned earth.
But there are few more just like him, and, if luck has it, together they might really find a purpose in their still empty lives.

P.S.: the thing that gave me the inspiration

Well, enjoy then.

"There's too little of us left to allow ourselves even a small fight" was what his father told him when he was regaining his senses after a harsh punishment.
He thought it to be a quite bitter truth then. Now he often feels they deserved it.
Another bloody mess on the floor that he'll later spend hours to clean, because he remembers all of the Father's rules - no mess and no detectable magic are among them. There is one more - no unnecessary death, but it was the first break down in two years so he thinks it's okay. It is impossible not to lose control over such a long time.
Ah, a mess... Might as well just change accommodation. Didn't like this one anyway.
Wooden floors that would have been a great pain in his ass to clean burn eagerly, as if they too are tired of this damn place, just like him. But unlike him they didn't have a father to demand a promise to struggle till the end, and are free to leave for the better worlds.
Small suitcase in hand, the long coat makes it impossible to guess the body's shape, high collar and a hat hide long black locks. Maybe, it's time to change color a little? He'll decide on the way. The current style already bored him to death. Fictional, unfortunately.

A high voice is painful for his hearing but he still smiles pleasantly to the woman. You can't be rude to your realtor if you want a good flat, and fast. At least not until she does find that cursed flat.
"And this one has a charming view. The rent is a bit high, though, but the building supports all the services such as..."
No, he changed his mind. This woman is just too much to comprehend.
"Oh, I think this one is not bad. The price should not concern you."
Even though most of its charming view is directed to the east side, this is still the best choice among the presented. And he doesn't have enough patience now. This will have to do.

He knew it. There's too much light for his comfortable existence, but he doesn't really mind being forced into renovating his new accommodation. He still doesn't know what to do with all the money left from the Clan and his Father's rules include no thoughtless spending. Some dark curtains, a new furniture, and not to forget to do a new hairstyle. Light red sounds refreshing.
It's really hard to keep his mind occupied with simple things, but he's used to it by now.

The moment he steps out of his flat for the first hunt in this area he has to remind himself of his Father's rules once again - no pointless fighting. Especially with your own kind.
Not that he considers this puffy balls as his kind. Nevertheless all of them are on the same boat, and this one is only the third he met during his oh so long and boring life, full of night and sharp senses.
"So... You're the new neighbor." The voice is a bit harsh for his taste, though much better than most of those he is forced to hear every day from humans.
He is not in the mood to reply though, so he just nods and turns to leave.
"You do know not to make yourself noticed, right?"
He pauses, trying to put his instincts screaming "insult" off and to hear the concern behind those words. Not about him, of course - it's their damn kind that matters.
"I lived long enough not to make such mistakes."
He moves to the exit.
"Wait! Your name!"
What for? He turns slowly and studies the serious expression on that almost hated, but painfully needed face. Oh. Right. Neighbors. Better to say the real one too.
"Kim Jaejoong."
"Oh." the irritating creature blinks. All the hostility immediately disappears from that voice. "Well, I'm Jung Yunho. Nice to meet you."
Really, time is not waiting. He sighs and turns around, muttering under his breath:
"What's so nice in meeting a stinky wolf?"
There is a loud protesting noise behind him but thankfully no one follows.
Just an angry but somewhat relieved mumble:
"As if I've ever dreamed of living under the same roof with a bloodsucking bat! Really!.."
But in that voice he hears something alike that strange feeling deep inside himself - something warm and pleasant, something he doesn't want to let go at all. Maybe it's just that... He's not alone anymore?

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