2011-12-19 в 04:37 

Too much useless time.
Waiting for you.
Главное чтобы не как с дюком нюкемом вышло.

2011-12-20 в 18:00 

Линн Коджи
Shall we dance?
Cibo_00, Hey, hey, hey! The party will begin soon! just 147 days left!

2011-12-22 в 07:15 

We fight for what's wrong!
Who's dat spikin'?! We waitin' for U ya know))) Wanna see ur face already and hear frikin' sarcastic voice of yours too))) Hope' u gonna make it fast and epik kumback - and return wiz even more powaz and mad skillz than bi-fore ))) Wiz luv)

2011-12-22 в 18:12 

Линн Коджи
Shall we dance?
Гаргатулот, He-he-he, that will be very very funny... just as planned...


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