Моя пьеса для Young Playwrights Festival

Аволокос Гераде
Ann is in the shop. She goes among the shelves with toys, disks and things.
- Hello! - A voice comes from behind.
- Oh, Caroline, hello!
- What are you doing here?
- I am looking for birthday present for Jane. She has a birthday party on Friday. I have been invited.
- So have I.
- Let’s look for birthday present together.
- I like that white teddy-bear. It is so cute! I think that it is a good present.
- No, it will be useless for Jane. She doesn’t play with toys. I think that it will be better to give her a film.
- No, I guess a film is not an original present. Let’s give her a big art set. I am sure that Jane likes drawing.
- The art set is very good. It has a lot of colours. But, what should I present to Jane?
- Hi, girls!
- Hi, Bob! - Caroline said.
- What are you doing here? – asked Ann.
- I am looking for a birthday present for Jane. She has a birthday party on Friday…
- We know! – said Caroline and Ann together.
- Caroline, as I see it you have chosen the present.
- Yes, do you like it?
- The art set is very good. But Jane doesn’t like drawing. She told me that she hates drawing.
- What does she like then? – asked Ann.
- She is fond of music.
- Then I give her a disk with the most popular songs, - said Ann. – What present will you give Jane?
- I have an idea. I want to give her an mp3 personal stereo. But I haven’t enough money.
- How much does mp3 personal stereo cost? – asked Caroline.
- It costs 30 dollars.
- I know what to do! Let’s add our money and buy her an mp3 personal stereo, - said Ann.
- What a good idea! I have 10 dollars, Ann has 10 dollars and you, Bob, have 10 dollars. Let’s go and buy it!
- Ok.
Ann, Bob and Caroline enter the music shop.
-Hello! – said a shop-assistant. – Can I help you?
- Can you show me this black mp3 personal stereo, - said Bob.
- It is a very good pattern. All people buy it.
- We buy it too, - said Bob.
- Oh, how lucky you are! You buy the last. Have a nice day!
- Good bye!
Friday. Jane’s birthday party.
-Hi! Happy Birthday! – said Ann and Caroline.
- Here you are! – said Bob giving Jane the present.
- Oh, an mp3 personal stereo!
- Yes, we have taken the last, - said Caroline.
- What a wonderful present! Would you like to see the other presents?
- Yes.
- Have a look. This is a white teddy-bear. This is a film. This is an art set. And this is a disk with the most popular songs. I like an art set most of all. As you know, I like painting and drawing very much.

2011-11-25 в 12:37 

in the end, it's all senseless anyway
Аволокос Гераде, ахах, конец улыбнул)) молодец, хорошо написано) только есть один вяк по поводу повтора некоторых слов, может, лучше заменить синонимами?

2011-11-25 в 13:41 

Аволокос Гераде
Может. Но поздно. Этой пьесе уже год, и Young Playwrights Festival давно прошел...

2011-11-28 в 17:11 

Madwoman aristocrat
(А можно перевод?)))
Я одна тут Don't speaking on English?:-D


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