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Обзоры Эппл и Рэйвен Thronecoming

Ссылки на обзоры Эппл и Рэйвен Thronecoming от rayedelsol:



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Freaky Fusion

CGI-версии персонажей Freaky Fusion.

Sirena Von Boo

Neighthan Rot:

Avea Trotter

Bonita Femur





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Видеообзор Бониты Фемур от TTPM

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Invisi Billy

Био Инвизи Билли, которое раньше уже публиковалось в нескольких вариантах, но теперь версия официального сайта.

Invisi Billy
Hi, I'm Invisi Billy; I love doing special effects for Monster High theatre productions. It’s scary cool when the audience ooh’s and ahh’s over an effect. Read my character bio to learn more about me and my fab Monster High ghouls!
Son of The Invisible Man
Age: 15

- Headmistress Bloodgood™ knows I don’t skip class. Teachers just don’t always see me when they are taking attendance.
- I can’t keep secrets from my ghoulfriend, because she literally always knows what I’m thinking.
- I just designed the sets for Monster High’s production of Spooksfeare. They turned out scary-cool.
- It’s totally not scary-cool when monsters talk like I’m not there, but sometimes I can’t help but overhear the most spooktacular gossip.
- Playing football can be so lame. I’ll be like, “Hey quarterback, I was wide open!” and he’ll be like, “Sorry I didn’t see you.”

Friends: 4 pins (Scarah Screams™, Twyla™, Ghoulia Yelps™, Deuce Gorgon™)
Freaky Flaw: I can only become visible when I really concentrate and even then it’s not always my whole body. Sometimes it’s just my hand or foot.
Favorite Food: I love seafood and pie.
Favorite Activity: I love doing special effects for MH theatre productions. It’s scary cool when the audience ooh’s and ahh’s over an effect, and it’s clear they can’t figure out how it was done. Oh, and hanging out with my ghoulfriend Scarah Screams.
Killer Style: I totally unlive in my hoodie, skinny jeans and beanie, so I guess if I had to give how I dress a name it would probably be “blister.”
Pet: I had a dog once but I had to give him away because every time I took him out for a walk, animal control would try and pick him up as stray.
Pet Peeve: When monsters think I’m a ghost. I’m just invisible, okay. I can’t pass through walls unless there are open doors in them.

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Casta Fierce

Био Касты Фирс.

Casta Fierce
Daughter of Circe
Age: 19

- I love black and purple…especially for my stage costumes.
- I’m lurking forward to seeing my old ghoulfriend Catty Noir. She’s a scary-talented ghoul.
- I write all my own lyrics because if I sing the wrong words, my fans don’t stay my fans for long.
- My Halloween show at Monster High is gonna be the hottest ticket in the monsterverse.
- Picking the band up at the scareport. Lots of rehearsing to do between now and Halloween.

Friends: 2 pins (Catty Noir™, Operetta™)
Freaky Flaw: I have to make sure to word the lyrics of my songs in just the right way or I run the risk of turning my audience into…well…let’s just say frogs don’t usually ask for an encore.
Favorite Food: Tomatoes and monsterella cheese with balsamic vinegrrr.
Favorite Activity: I’m a performer. I love being on the stage under the lights with an audience in front of me. There’s nothing like it, and it’s all I ever want to do.
Killer Style: I like lots of buckles and straps crisscrossed over black and purple fashions splashed with glitter.
Pet: I can’t have a pet because I don’t think I could stand being constantly asked, ''Oh how cute…was this a fan of yours?''
Pet Peeve: ''Fans'' who show up late and leave early. If you’re coming to my show, please be on time and stay till the end. It’s a distraction, especially to the real fans that really want to be there. If that makes me sound like a diva, I can unlive with that!

Пожалуй, самое интересное - что если у песни "неправильные" слова, то Каста ненароком может превратить своих фанатов в лягушек. Питомца нет, но оправдание забавное. Что касается сюжетной линии, то Каста должна выступить в МХ со своим шоу на Хэллоуин.

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Новые туфли

Фото новых туфель с eBay. Насколько мне удалось установить, это молд туфель из набора Inner Monster Spooky Sweet n Frightfully Fierce:

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Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date

Эпизод Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date на испанском:

Очень мило, Дэринг такой джентльмен, и козлята вместо поросят.

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Social Spots


Ghoul Sports


Recharge Chamber

Frankie Stein Recharge Chamber

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New Scaremester 2


Fusion-Inspired Ghouls


Hat-tastic Party

Hat-tastic Party Cerise Hood

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Hat-tastic Party Apple White

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Hat-tastic Party Briar Beauty

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Hat-tastic Party Madeline Hatter

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Dexter Charming


Freaky Fusion Teaser Trailer

Тизер-трейлер к спешиалу Freaky Fusion, официально опубликованный на YouTube Monster High.

Информация о диске.

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Legacy Day 2


Social Spots

Новые наборы МХ Social Spots: Крипатерий и Студенческая гостиная. Фото с сайта spieletom.com. Похоже, что они у них в наличии.

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Ghoul Sports

И видеообзор от NamanthaSuxx:

Источник фото.

Clawdeen Wolf

Да, похоже, что и правда просто дырка.

Spectra Vondergeist

Toralei Stripe

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Thronecoming Blondie Lockes

Обзор куклы Блонди Thronecoming от rayedelsol по ссылке.

Пара фото:

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Обновила пост с промо-фото Клео, Дракулоры и Хоулин Creepateria с Амазона.

Cleo de Nile


Howleen Wolf

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