Друзей ищу, Я растеряла их. Слова ищу - Они ушли с друзьями. Я дни ищу... Как быстро убегали Они вослед Идущим от меня!

“Work Miracles” or “Work & Miracles”?

Sometimes I make a decision despite of the Investigation’s facts, expert’s opinion, and classical real-world example. I just feel what I shall do.

WHY it bring me to the Success invariably? And where these Drive, Inspiration and Love are coming from?

We used to call it “knowledge”, afterwards “experience”. Now we say “intuition”.

I am sure - Facts are just making a base. But Feelings are gaining freedom, prompting solution and motivating to create.

And this is my stand-alone life brand. I promote it, PR it,

I involve You in.

Because one day for the question: “WHY?” we will answer all together - “I simply have the errorless trend’s feeling.

The object to be pursued is - Do listen to your heart, every moment do.