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Let's continue..
I’d like to tell you about beautiful film – Closer. I watched it in Russian two or three times, but it is very different of watching in English.
It is drama, drama about relationships and love, about trust and closer.. In the main roles: Jude
Low, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Each one plays a unique character: romantic, guilty wife, stripper and brutal men.
It is love quadrangle and it’s hard to understand, where is real love or addiction. We can think that Alice really love Dan, but in the end of the story we see that she doesn’t trust him at all. Larry can look like a men in love, but he becomes monster when he knows that Anna betrayed him.
For me this film is about honesty and trust. Can I trust this men and tell him all about my life? Or can I live my life near him? It is risk – to trust. It is very important and very dangerously.
What do you choose?

It was hard for me to watch it in English because actors talked very fast sometimes. Even subtitles didn’t save me)
I can give it to you, if you've intrested in it.

And if you've watched it - let's discuss!

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