Ознакомьтесь с нашей политикой обработки персональных данных

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Aaa-ee! Today is the first real day off!
"Pajama Party"!!
Waaait for me!!!!)))


Tomorrow I will have NEW phone!!!!! HTC Mozart!!!! It's hotsy-totsy!!)) I'm waiting for it very much!!


My music centre has broken, so I had to to buy new dictaphone..for english.
But I have already understood the instruction. It's small and comfy.)


My "rOOf" has gone to this song:
Gorillaz - king of the bongo!!!!!!)


The 1_st of September is day when we [PuPils] can relax at school and don't think about lessons))
Happy Knowledge Day!!!):dance3:


I'm sorry..I haven't written so long ago..haven't any time..
I'll write short:
~June - Crimea)
~July - light-house
~August - light-house/Moscow.


Ooh...how difficult..to put clothes..it's torment..
Found! Wash! Hang to dry! Stroke! Lay down! Shove in suitcase! and try to close it!....ooh..
I thought my suitcase is big, but today I understand it is veRRy small.

...I want to eat...in this vanity..


Why did I go there? What is the meaning?
- to dig garden beds
- to plant seeds
- to cook
- to do the cleaning...
I wanted to relax, but they harnessed me as horse!
..Ooh, I'm so evil.

Ok, I need a rest, because I have to put my clothes in bags...This occupation isn't for me..I do it very long.

@музыка: Brandy & Monica - The lady boy is mine


..I looked for decoding < WC >...and found !!! -Water Closet..))


I saw this site on my friend's web site:
Does he draws very cool?...or is it photoshop??

@музыка: Bob Singlar - Love Generation


Today I went to accouting concert in collective "Contrast". It was fantastic. Girls dance very cool, beautiful and gentle!! They work in modern and jazz style...so plastic, technique! very interesting motions..I made some videos with thier dances))..^^I'll take motions for my new composition in last year^^
They have a lot of instructors in different style for lessons..but we - only one..
In final girls brought large cake with 3 layers!! ..so cool.. I want same cake on our concert!))

@музыка: Katie Melua - Piece by piece, kiss by kiss


Want to breathe deeply!
Lilac! I love lilac!
So beautiful smells!
All is well...
When I see these charms, I forget problems and anothers nonsenses! It's like new fresh breath..like "energy charge"!
So cool.. Ease comes itself.. < ENGOY IT WHILE YOU HAVE > !

@музыка: Alexia - Happy, Good, Nice morning))...sha-la-la**



Who ivents these electronic cigarettes??
Now all go and show off "adult-like".

Well, right! < Brainy ivents, but stupid smokes! >


This idiotic GOOGLE CHROME doesn't want to load ... It's awful.. already 2 days!
But another browsers can do it!!


AAaaaaa!! Remained for 1 day! I can't wait for my trip more! I want to see friends very much! Hope, all they will there))

But I have to write a work and do h/t... to go to c-house.. ^rrrr^..

@музыка: Green Day - American Idiot


& -it- &

All day I think about one thing, but I shouldn't think about it..because it isn't important for me..or is important?? I don't know and understand.
But I have to solve this problem myself. -Who may help me? -Nobody!

..this thought doesn't want to leave me. I try to think about another things, but this doesn't help. I'm in despair!
....I must do h/t, repeat music, write work,^_^ but I don't do it..because this stupid thought "sit" in my poor head.

Day after tomorrow I'll go to my country house.. and this problem is there! But if I don't have it, I'll have another Stupid Problem! It's awfully!
..but I want to go c-house!..there are many friends for me.. and iiiiittttt..(THIS STUPID THOUGHT) It waits for meee!!...

&& Yulya! where are your thoughts? where??
You must think about studies! It's your main mission now!

May is last and "terrible" month in year!! Exams, concerts, control works, final test and etc. When will you start to think about it?? &&

@музыка: Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You



It's so pretty and sweety):

Free cleaning of monitors)**

@музыка: Glee Cast - Somebody to love


I don't understand..how to explain this prediction!
I found this link by my friend: http://www.yaplakal.com/fun/magic.htm.
It beats all !!


My Daddy gave my Mom beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums. It started to dry up after fifth day. And Mom solved to put them in balcon but I thought they can't be there.

But Mum was right. Because these flowers don't wither for the whole month. It's fantastic. However, now petals are pink!!


P.S. [ but my bouquet died the next day.. ]


ordinary miracle))

Today I have translated composition of ingredients on candy wrapper. It was first time, when I translated something, that I wanted.
...and that sweet - "Ordinary miracle" was very tasty..
Those words on wrapper were fairly simple for translate...
for example:
[vegetables fats - растительные жиры] and etc.

I liked it )).

don't bite my mind