"Если мне что-то надо, значит, это уже моё"©
Korbi TV visited the set of "The Big Bang Theory" last week and one of the first things we noticed was how sexy Jim Parsons (Sheldon) was looking.

Parsons gave all credit to the stylist backstage, saying it's nice to not just have his hair matted down to his head as Sheldon always does ... which got us thinking, would The Sheld-meister ever agree to a makeover?

We asked Jim and, as it turns out, this Monday's (March 22) episode features the stiff, set-in-his-ways character actually trying something new.

"He doesn't exactly have a makeover," Parsons shared. "But Penny does take him shopping and it's as close as he gets ... His reaction to what she put him in -- She thinks he looks so nice and handsome and normal and he just thinks he looks like a clown."

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