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Игральные карты с D'espairsRay
Наткнулась на девиантарте *_* может и боян, но меня впечатлило :З

D'espairsRay Playing Cards
These are my custom illustrated playing cards for the band, D'espairsRay. They were made on spec for them as a gift and as possible merchandise. Each suit represents an album release/tour and a featured "style" of the band.

The cards do exist in playing card form but are extremely limited. The only ones that exist are owned by the band members and their translator, Nora.

If you would like to acquire a deck of THESE cards, please email me: robbiedraws@gmail.com there are ten available.

The four members are:

The Vocalist, HIZUMI (King)
The Drummer, TSUKASA (Queen)
The Bassist, ZERO (Jack)
The Guitarist, Karyu (Joker)

I really enjoyed these and can be commissioned to design and illustrate poker/tarot cards. Please email me at robbiedraws@gmail.com for details and prices.

all works © Robbie Lawrence 2010

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