Меня никогда не спрашивали об взаимоотношениях Мея Чангсу и Лин Шу. Да, они - один и тот же человек, с разной внешностью и именем. Однако, играя Мей Чангсу, я интерпретировал его иначе - не как человека, а как символ справедливости. У него нет личной жизни и собственных чувств. Когда МЧС достигнет своей цели, он исчезнет.

"Mcs don’t want to survive after revenge."

"Hu Ge (MCS’s actor): “I am often asked about my character’s relationship with other characters. No one ever asked what is the relationship between MCS and Lin Shu. Yes, they are the same person, with a different appearance and identity. However, when I am acting MCS, I have a different interpretation. I did not treat him as a person. This is because I feel that we cannot understand him as a human being after his ‘rebirth’ as MCS. He should be interpreted as the embodiment of the 70,000 ghosts of the Chiyan army, carrying their desires for vengeance. He returns to the imperial city as a symbol of justice. He does not have personal feelings and personal life. The only thing he wants is to clear the name of his army by pinning all their hopes onto Prince Jing to continue the path of Prince Qi and foster a court that is governed with law and righteousness. When this is done, he will vanish. Hence, he does not exist as a human being in the whole process.”" (с)

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