Merlin - A Space Odyssey (trailer)

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Title: A Space Odyssey
Video: Merlin, Star Wars, Avatar, Voyage of the Unicorn , Casino Royale, The 51st State, Big Momma's House
Sound: Hans Zimmer - Mind Heist
Comment: This is trailer of the amazing story "A Space Odyssey of Merlin Emrys" by Медведики - medvediki.diary.ru/p178053641.htm?oam#more1

Plot: If only Merlin had known that he has to go all the way of a legendary Odysseus he has never gone on the dangerous space trip. The way home may be extremely long even for such powerful mage.

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2012-08-24 в 09:19 

Вот теперь и к тебе в днев пришла выразить свой восторг ))) Бесподобная работа!!!


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