Lo mi avel mie
I've been sitting on the top of a crumbling wall for far too long. I've seen dawns and sunsets, green curls of trees below, careless clouds above. I've sat through rains and sunshine, frosts and blizzards, through moments and years, seasons and seconds scattered like pearls beneath my feet. I've always known that sooner or later I will have to leave. I've tried to fly away with the birds, but they wouldn't have me. I've tried to join the witches' joy, but I had no broom. I've tried to take a hand of a wood spirit, but he had no flesh and no image of his own. I've tried to sing to a dragon, but he didn't even notice me...

And the winter has claimed me, and the wall has become slippery with ice, and the snowstorms came one after another. And I knew I'd have to jump to cold stones below. I held on, and on and on, the stones becoming more icy with each passing minute, with night hiding the world from me, with wolves howling below. With silence killing me.

And then there came you.

A new wind, a warm wind brushing my cheek, a breath of spring air passing through walls of winter, somehow melting the ice around me, somehow breaking livid clouds and drawing them away from the face of the night sky. A warm wind, offering a hand that turned out to be soft, and real, and alive. A warm wind with a gentle smile, a wind that shines. So I've forgotten that I cannot fly, and I have stepped off the wall... only to find out that my wings are back, that I can fly, too, and that my eyes are still golden.