Celtic Mist
Любовь заставляет незаметно проходить время. Время заставляет незаметно проходить любовь.
Спасибо птичке

It has been almost 25 years since BUCK-TICK have made their debut and as a project for the upcoming anniversary, they have founded a new label called "Lingua Sounda".

"We are very grateful for the many fans who have supported us until now. Since there is music, there is BUCK-TICK. From here until we die, well probably even if we die, the music of BUCK-TICK will live on. We are counting on you in either case. Thank you!" Sakurai Atsushi said upon the founding of the label.

Currently BUCK-TICK are in the middle of recording their new single, which will be the first release under their new label scheduled for spring 2012.

Moreover, the performances added to their annual at Nippon Budokan, of which parts had been postponed, have now been exchanged for separate date, giving fans the chance to readjust their schedule for the end of the year!