They'll never take me alive
[22:01:04] Hi stella-vanessa, I'd like to add you as a contact.
[22:01:58] Dzi: I know you?
[22:02:57] Marlee Herndon: Hiya, thanks 4 adding me...i had your username saved from a while ago, are you on any dating sites?
[22:03:29] Dzi: I think, you are a robot.
[22:04:29] Marlee Herndon: cant really remember how i got ur ID.. but recently i got out of a relationship and i was hitting up guys and i thought were sexy u single?
[22:05:08] Dzi: How you think, why I think that?
[22:05:51] Marlee Herndon: well either way its ok with me ;) BUT,are you into red-head chicks?
[22:06:33] Dzi: You don't have a soul?
[22:07:21] Marlee Herndon: :P heres a pix i uploaded last night, you like? :)
[22:10:57] Dzi: You are a soulless robot. I talk with soulless robot. What in that picture? A fuckin' satanic assembler code?
[22:11:54] Marlee Herndon: u can see me live there no need for pictures
[22:12:15] Dzi: Oh god please no


[13.12.2015 15:24:09] Dzi: I know you?
[14.12.2015 10:51:52] forever rodriguez: hello
[14.12.2015 10:52:13] Dzi: I know you?
[15.12.2015 3:51:28] forever rodriguez: hello
[15.12.2015 14:17:23] Dzi: I know you?
[15.12.2015 18:52:53] forever rodriguez: hey
[15.12.2015 18:57:42] Dzi: Hey)
[15.12.2015 18:58:12] forever rodriguez: hey i found your name on the directory. I'm 24/female wanna chat and share pics?
[15.12.2015 19:00:59] Dzi: For example?
[15.12.2015 19:01:34] forever rodriguez: My name is amanda i grew up in Miami.. i'm kinda a small girl with big attributes lol where are you from?
[15.12.2015 19:04:20] Dzi: And you find a random person for, excuse, so private chat?
[15.12.2015 19:04:56] forever rodriguez: cool, im just bored as fuk at home! I'm single and looking... have you ever had cyber sex?
[15.12.2015 23:40:53] Dzi: Do you like a music?
[16.12.2015 10:13:24] forever rodriguez: hey
[16.12.2015 10:13:51] Dzi: You'r going to cicle?
[16.12.2015 10:14:25] forever rodriguez: lol, send me a recent pic of you and lets have some fun
[16.12.2015 10:15:28] Dzi: You have other interests?
[16.12.2015 10:16:04] forever rodriguez: sweet like want to see pics of me?
[16.12.2015 10:18:05] Dzi: This is a code? Blink two time if that's right.
[16.12.2015 10:18:43] forever rodriguez: I uploaded recent pics here...