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Отвергнутый Богиней/В Гакта все влюбляются - это неизбежно. Он как свеча, на которую летят мотыльки. (с) Death fanfiction/Наверное, сердце, чтобы не чувствовать боли, должно быть переполнено радостью.
Проблемы у Лю не кончились...
Кажется, стало только хуже...
Если я ничего не перепутала в его сообщении, то его чуть не убили...
Вот его сообщение: blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.vie...
В шоке...

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затишье. (

плохие новости..

"In the last short times i have been raped many times..Very Badly and very hard.
My Body my physical construction is enormous wounded by the man who did it . "

его блог на маспейсе. полный пост по ссылке

у меня нет слов..
если бы мы могли ему чем-нибудь помочь..:weep:

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Люминор отвечает на вопросы фанатов)

Zutto! Zutto......
Interview to Lu * By Kousen Luminor Support
....Do you think, a person who loves intensively and gets deeply hurt, can ever love as intensive as before? (SaKi)
Yes, I'm afraid so. Love is damn stupid, isn't it?

How do you imagine your solo carreer? (SaKi)
There is no specific concept. My music will distinctly differ from this that you know from my band period. I want to become a solo artist ... in every way.

Do you want to write songs and music on your own? Or will you get help, e.g. from experienced songwriters or members of other bands?
How about a live band or do you want to be alone on stage for singing? (SaKi)
That all remains to be seen ... Of course, you need a band. But they should stay on the sideline. My further plans are mainly about myself. Writing on my own is difficult for me at this time ... therefore it would be helpful to find ways of expressing what I want to say or feel together with songwriters.

How do you celebrate Christmas? (Kiri, Anne, Ella)
Depends. I hate Christmas and actually I am glad when it's over.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve? (Kiri, Anne, Ella, Nastya)
See Christmas.

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Новая фотография Джета)

Ох это кольцо.............

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Арт by P-E-Umka aka Laurence

Yes two can keep a secret, If one of them is dead...
Мои картинки с Люминором) Часть их уже публиковалась на соо "Forever or never" и многие для него же и рисовались, но ныне этого соо не существует и я переношу их сюда^^

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Interview to Luminor by Rock One *

Zutto! Zutto......
Luminor loves France, and this one makes it to him good. Of passage in Paris, including an autograph session,
He confides frankly and in any honesty on the after Cinema Bizarre.


Arrived the December 3, the eve of the signing session, Luminor has the form, after several hours repairer spent to the hotel, he joins us at a cafe not far from the Bataclan, here even where he should have played a year ago previously with his ancient group,Cinema Bizarre. If today he is resplendent mood, we owe to the fact that he is in his favorite city. His love of France, and especially to Paris, didn't start yesterday "During my first to come in France with Cinema Bizarre, I had the impression that was the first time I felt respected and understood as an artist " explains Luminor "In Germany, it is more complicated because people have a vision falsified of my personality,they don't really know what to think of me!" Luminor not dried up praise on the French people and their culture. The favorite for our country, he explains it in a very concrete way "I think that the French people have a more refined creative and artistic spirit. In France, it accepts me for what I make and who I am without any artifice"

Totally devastated

If now the fans of Luminor seem totally reassured about his health, it was not always the case, especially when rumors, initiated in part by a German magazine unscrupulous, circulated at the time of cinema bizarre. Rarely the departure of a group like CB will have so much aroused of feedback from the fans. "There were many videos on youtube which said : "Don't do that!" "Stay here ! " "Without you, Cinema Bizarre will be no more what it was", but I knew already that there was no possibility that I come back. It made me very sad for the fans. When I have making the blog, producing my official start, I was totally devastated." It's still with emotion that the singer returns to this very dark period of his life. The tear in his eye, he continues "I decided to look at them not more, they enormously touched me. I realized at this moment that the support of my fans would not arrest with cinema Bizarre.They said to me that I shall return when that would be the good moment. Even when I had no more news to be given to them, they have never stopped believing in me and loving me. I was profoundly touched by their testimonies and their loyalty. " Conscious that the fans wait since its departure for an explanation, but respectful of his former colleagues, Luminor does not too much wish to extend over the question. Yet, in all sympathy, he is revealed as never before. " At the beginning of Cinema Bizarre I was extremely happy, but in the end it was no longer the case. When they evoked my problems of health by saying that I could not go in Scandinavia, was true. I was him but it was not a real disease. I didn't recognize more me.The group will wanted to go in a direction that I could not follow ....I've always been like that. When I'm trapped in a situation and when I try to do the best so that everything is well, my soul says to me Not. This time, it said to me " You are unfortunate, You are sick of this role which you play within the group, the tensions inside CB make you very unhappy , but the decision really came to me at the last moment. Before that, I couldn't arrive to make me a reason ...I have put so much of me in Cinema Bizarre. That's why this decision was extremely difficult. It was my baby but I couldn't it any more."

In Paris February 27

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Если кто может и хочет хорошо перевести, то я буду очень рада)


Ох)!)Это видео....

Zutto! Zutto......

Видео интервью с Люминором.

Интервью с Эшем и Делордом

Простите, что так поздно выкладываю.
Interview by Olga Polomoshnova & Inna
Video by Inna (c) Bizarre-Music.net
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Dirty Diva
DNR feat. Luminor, Exclusive Interview with CBOET AND THOIFANCLUB in English

Hi guys, it's Cinema Bizarre e-team (which you already know) and Tokio Hotel italian fanclub; as the 2 german bands have so many fans in common, we arranged to join the interviews and have just one for both of the fandoms!

Some questions to Luminor:

We know Kira and you are close friends... do you feel like telling us how it started?
Kira wrote to me long before our cooperation. I had a very good imagination from him and what I read from him showed me a deep personality who can see many things.. maybe sometimes too much like I do. I felt very connected to him always.. from beginning on.. We kept in contact..... so it all began.

Are you excited about going back on stage after more than a year off?
Well I had my re-premiere already in Moscow.... and it was like coming home. I felt alive again.

Why with DNR?
As i told you i was in contact to Kira. And after my parting from cinema bizarre i was free to do whatever i wanted to do... what has not been the case before of course....
I always could identify myself more with the music dnr did than with the one from cinema bizarre. Especially more and more in the case how the music developed..
Kira asked me if I would agree to do this cooperation, and their management as well. I needed some time just for myself after the hurting parting from cb ....but then i was ready to come back . And agreed. I love the guys' music. I can really feel it.

Are you going to continue as a solo artist after touring with DNR?
This is my destination i want to get to, of course. I am working on it. I have many rivers to cross and many bridges to break for that, Iknow. But I will do all that I can to be back on stage. As a solo artist. You have the highest freedom when you have nothing left to loose.

Do you think CB fans deserted you when you left the band?
Absolutely not!! I had the most loyal and trusting fans that a singer can have. They believed in me and my returning, supported me, in
times when even I could not imagine how to continue.... So the answer really absolutely is no.

Any memories about the italian ones? And about Italy?
Of course. They were next to the french fans some of the biggest believers in me.... I have spent now a bit time in italy... longer than I could in the past.. and I was always gently welcomed.... and I felt so as well.
I totally fell in love with florence…. and I want to know more and more about the country.

Интервью с DNR

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Zutto! Zutto......
Доброй ночи сообщники!)
Хочу сообщить что в соо поменялась хозяйка, ею стала я.
Спасибо господину Носу в помощи и прежней хозяйке, что согласилась отдать его.
Давайте попробуем снова вдохнуть жизнь в наше сообщество)
Мне хочется, чтобы это место стало не только источником новой информации, но и местом общения участников)
Флуд, рисунки, фотографии, работы в фотошопе - приветствуются!)
Ограничения - грубость, неуважение, спам и реклама.
Может сменим дизайн? Есть предложения?

С уважением, Ваша Вечность)

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Новая любовь......

Zutto! Zutto......
Мальчика зовут Stephan La Roux. Ему 24 года.
Его MySpace

И в друзьях-то у него все бизары, и Ромео-то в первых рядах............
И закос под Страя...............

И коммент под фото от Лю "С любовью"............
И Стихи в комментах от Люма..............и картинки.........
И не нравится он мне.................
Да! Ревность меня гложет.............грызёт............
Нет у меня к нему теплоты.........не чувствую я в нём добра...........обидит он его.......

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Zutto! Zutto......
Если Вы имеете желание посетить новые концерты DNR feat.Luminor в Москве, в Питере и в Киеве,

то пройдите пожалуйста по ссылочкам и оставьте свои комментарии!

Это очень важно! От Вашей активности зависит приезд нашего Лунного света....)

Москва - Тыц!

Питер - Тыц!!

Киев - Тыц!!!

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так просто


Zutto! Zutto......
Всем, кто идёт на концерт DNR and Luminor 18-го декабря в Москве.

Хочешь получить автограф Люминора и ребят из DNR? Минимум усилий и твоя мечта осуществится!

Наш журнал проводит акцию, чтобы определить участников Meet & Greet с группой DNR fear.Luminor.

Желающие участвовать в акции должны прислать запрос по адресу


В запросе укажите:

- ник, имя, фамилию

- номер и фотографию билета на концерт.

- адрес электронной почты или адрес вашей странички на Myspacе.

Первые 50 человек, которые пришлют заявку, автоматически становятся участниками встречи с артистами.

Остальные счастливчики будут определены при помощи компьютерной жеребьевки.

Каждый участник встречи с кумирами получит приглашение на указанный им адрес, по окончанию проведения акции

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Появилось сообщение у Harris Ghouse :

18 дек 2009 20:00


В контакте написано, что концерт будет в "XO Рок-клуб", но на сайте этого клуба и Харриса ничего пока нет :nope:

Мну едет! Это точно!!! :ura::ura::ura:

А Вы?

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Много фоток еще и тут: группа вконтакте

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Люминор и ДНР

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I'll sell my soul to dream you wide awake...
LUMINOR and DNR - Special Guest concert tour!
I will be an

extraordinary Special Guest and will

accompany DNR for the forthcoming

European concerts and sing with DNR.

...see you in TOUR!!!

Don't be afraid to come off slightly bizarre