black promises or a promises without a future?

Today, i started thinking of all these promises which i keep making to myself. For example: "tomorrow i'm gonna start my new life". Im sick, sick, sick tired and annoyed by this promise. Honestly. how many times did you promise that to yourself. My point is, nothing is gonna change.
When we actually doing something to make all these promises happen. Almost never, or just at the beginning of the promise. Whats the point then?

I am fat, not a a pretty with mental decoders female. Oh well. It happens, you know. Everyone has it in himself. But why make these promises?!? To make myself feel better, but its not gonna last, is it? And then, after all these hopes its gonna hurt even more. All sad thought will come back, weight will start reaching the limit. You ll start feeling bad again. NO, it is all wrong.

How can i change. But by the making this change, im i gonna change myself? or is it a simple change? But of course, its gonna be a change of myself< but do i wanna make this change? Is it me at all, who is asking if i need a change, is it an inside voice? hmmm. it IS an inside voice.

Inside voice, what do we mean by that? It is a feeling< but feeling of what? of scare? of laziness? what is this all about?

2010-08-14 в 10:21 

Другим ты можешь сказать, что это слухи. Но когда сердце спросит, как ты ему ответишь? ©
It's you trying to find out who you really are - not an easy task. The inside voice is your voice, it is your sub personality.
It's your guilt for not being better than what you are now... It's your fear of never achieving anything. It's your awareness of time.
The time is running out, seconds add up to years... life is short... so short. No time for laziness.
If you want to keep your promises you need discipline and will power.
And you need to start new life NOW - not next year or next Monday, not even tomorrow. Now.
PS. My promises don't work either =(

2010-08-15 в 00:29 

oh my God, you are so right. how come i didn't come to this conclusion ?!?! and it is so strange for me to accept someone else's opinion

what can i say, thank you so much! i really appreciate it!

2010-08-15 в 00:47 

Другим ты можешь сказать, что это слухи. Но когда сердце спросит, как ты ему ответишь? ©
You are welcome!
You know, I don't always accept people's opinions either... But I have recently come to the conclusion that we always learn from each other.
Every person you meet on your life path is your teacher, and you are his/her teacher. We can learn even from people we dislike - with them we learn patience, self-control, acceptance... Well, it all depends on a given situation :) I hope you find the strength to confront your problems and fulfill your promises!


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