Atatakai Kadze
Не найдя в словаре слова "кровь", пускал по венам напалм...
Диалог из Samurai Champloo (с переводом на английский, чуть отредактировано). Сильнейший воин одного из кланов якуздза, живущий совсем не той жизнью, какой хотел, беседует с не менее сильным вольным мечником:

-... when I left boss Kawara, I thought to myself: "I'm gonna use these skills of mine to grab something better for myself. That's all I need." But the world doesn't work that way. It's not that simple. There are times when you gotta agree to something even when you think it's wrong.
-What a load of ****.
-Don't spend your life making excuses to yourself. YOU'RE the one who decides how to live your life.