La Aime Douleur
...мир останется лживым, мир останется вечным, может быть, постижимым, но все-таки бесконечным...
Undoubtedly,this one has been a summer of goodbyes,and I found myself confirming the fact over and over again when the brilliant blue skies of Calgary disappeared and instead gave us one hell of a case of the blues. Then again, thinking back to the first goodbye,it really goes back much farther than this season,and in a way,no matter how incredibly sad it makes me to look through my address books and deleting more and more numbers,it was about time to stop using people (who are as damaged as you are if not worse) as flotation devices.They were all mostly clean breaks,too,with the last words to remember me by being "Just the truth","Get some sleep" and "Apology accepted".
I want to go to Sweden.
PLACEBO IS COMING TO VANCOUVER ON THE 14TH OF SEPTEMBER...a month before my 19th birthday.Which means I can't get into the venue.
Now that,my dears,is an FML.