I wish I could say that it had been an easy journey or that it had been rewarding, because sometimes I feel like it was something that I had to do rather than wanted to do. But it's done. They say that I should feel proud of my accomplishments and I do, in a way, though I try not to put too much weight on them. There is so much yet ahead that I need to do. Actually, it's really sad and scary because now, right now, life is about to really change. Now I need to start being an adult and it's... well, it's not easy. When you're so used to being a kid the task of acting like an adult is astronomically difficult. Seems almost impossible. It's sad that I need to say so many goodbyes. I've met some really great people. Some not so much. But they all stitch this web of my past, for better or worse, and I will miss them and I will try to stay in touch, but who am I kidding? Soon they'll fade. That's what goodbyes are. They're spells to make people fade away. I'm nervous. There's nothing to be afraid but I'm nervous about this future. The concentric circles of our lives keep turning, I think, but I don't know enouhg yet to prove that. Maybe it won't cycle through this time. Maybe something completely novel is waiting for me. I just need to reach out. I don't want to cry. Not any more. Adults don't cry, right? I want to brace myself, take hold of the reigns, and smile and laugh in the face of all the anxieties, as if to say "Look at me. You, look at me. I'm not afraid of you. I'm not afraid of anything. I'm ready." And actually mean it. I want to be ready for anything, for any storm and worry and trouble. I'm tired of beng swept under dark moods ad visiting these pointless dark places. I want to feel the universe. I'm just a step closer now to something. I have to step over the threshold, grit my teeth and make a go of it. I think, the stars are waiting for me. It's time to accept my fate with my head held high. There are yet many many wonderful and wonderous things that I, yes I, will bring to the world. Are you ready, world? Cause I sure as hell am trying to be ready for you.