Okay, I haven't written here in a while, but I needed someplace wher eI could blow off some steam because I'm just about ready to explode. The world isn't fiar, but god damn it, why the fuck can't my own family protect me? They're being total dicks. My sister especially. FOr two years, if not more, she's been a total cunt to me, telling me that everything I do is wrong and that I'm an idiot. I have no idea what her deal is. Probably she's just a miserable human being and she wants everyone else to be equally as miserable aroud her and for that reason she is trying to put me down. Bt every time I try to defend myself, my parents just stop me and tell me to stop fighting. As if I start any of the arguments. It's fucking unbelievable the shit they let her get away with . Yes, I know, they are financially dependent on her, but what am I? A piece of shit? I'm not worth even to defend? It makes me sick to my stomach and I can't wait to get the fuck away from all of them. As far away as possible. If they don't see how they're hurting me, then who the fuck needs this poison in their life? I am sick of being miserable because I;m afraid of what they mihgt think or say about me. I want to be my own person. That's why screw them all and I will probably go to California and start my life there. They can all just suck it.