Sometimes I wonder what's the whole point of being alive. It's not like anyone really needs me. Like anyone, I am easily replaced by a number of different things. When I wake in the morning, I have to remind myself that I have to do something with myself, otherwise I'll disappear into the oblivion. I'll become nothing. And maybe I would have committed suicide months ago if I did not think that there was nothing beyond his life. It might suck, but it's still better than not living at all.
If only I could stop always being a villain. I'm sick of people accusing me of things because of misunderstandings on their part. It's like I'm a broken spoke in this giant machinery and I keep rubbing everyone else the wrong way. I keep promising myself that I will find happiness soon, but I don't think that that's actually achievable. I think I was born to be sad all the time. I just... I guess I'm just tired.