My family is retarded.

Why? Because every single one of them always thinks that he or she is ALWAYS fucking right. that means there are never any compromises for any arguments and since there are no real victors, we're all stuck as being losers.

What I hate most about it, is that eventually I'll turn into them and I dread that day when I'm a self fucking rightious monster. They're free to give you all sorts of advice, but you can't expect them to follow it. And all this bullshit about ' family has to stick together' . It's only true as long as no one in that family steps on each other's enourmous egos. I'm so sick of these storms in a tea kettle. They're not worth anything, but we just keep talking about them.

I hope they'll soon realize just how stupid they all are.

And I really hope I don't take that much from that side of the family.

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