Thank Your Lucky Scars
We are lost souls amok, The raptors, scratch, Ragnarok. The crossed, pounding holy flock Like a werewolf blitzkrieg. ©
1. Hell Awaits (Slayer Cover)
2. Black Metal (Venom Cover)
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden)
4. Sodomy & Lust (Sodom Cover)
5. Dusk And Her Embrace (Live)
6. Beneath The Howling Stars (Live)
7. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids (Live)
8. Malice Through The Looking Glass (Live)
9. Carmilla's Masque (Unreleased Studio Track)
10. The Black Goddess Rises
11. Unbodied Of Dusk
12. The Raping Of Faith
13. As Deep As Any Burial
14. Fraternally Yours
15. 666 (Outro)
16. Last Words By Dani

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