New Life

перестань оглядатись назад,живи сьогднішнім днем
I left my country,left university,now i am hard working person,i have smth mine,smth what I earned,not smbd gave me,but ...still i feel that smth is wrong..i don't know what exactlly...the past is still bothering me,,..Saying PAST ,I mean everything,it is not a person or thing or time...i don't know how to explain...
Looking how my groupmates are studying,relaxing,enjoying their lifes is perfect,but at the minute I think...WHO I AM ?they STUDENTS of UNIVERSITY..and i am nothing here.nobody...smbd from home is trying to teach me ,how should i live..but...they have NOTHING...and they are saying a lot stupid things...and if honestly,it really hurts...i am sick of that...Instead of getting a support,i am receiving only messages with selfish phrases...
i wanna go home...to visit my relatives,to be there...to feel that..to speak on my language..to be in the group of people,who are the same as I am..,who has the same blood...but it is impossible...
i don't regret about my choice..i am thinking and worrying MAYBE I AM TOO YOUNG TO BE HERE?
or maybe I should think in the opposite direction,IS IT TIME TO START MY OWN LIFE?because everything looks like that...
I want to say thank to many people...but i will not...because...I would rather do smth good instead of saying THANK YOU...

i lost in myself...i just find me ,,,and i should know,whom i wanna be in the future...

2010-01-31 в 01:56 

все буде пучком!!!...я в тебе вірю...хоча про те,що ти там залишились...і мабуть ще довго буду жалкувати!!!

ти сильна,плече ще досі пам"ятає твій удар справа!!!...головне живи ,просто живи ,а не думай хто ти,чи правильно ти робиш...час назад не повернеш,тож не тре жалкувати про зроблене!!!!


2012-05-20 в 10:30 

як ти виїхала в америку?по спеціальній програмі обміну?

2012-10-31 в 02:11 

перестань оглядатись назад,живи сьогднішнім днем
Ya vuixala po Work And Travel=) Ale potim tyt zaluwulas yje davnenko=)