My art/gothic/embrace project Hapalochlaena_Maculosa

создатель art/gothic/embrace project & death rock/old goth rock band Hapalochlaena_Maculosa

Hapalochlaena_Maculosa - the appealing to characteristic for symbolism "eternal" motives of death, fading, loneliness, alarm, is concentrated mainly on art exprеssion by means of a symbol intuitively comprehended essence and ideas, vague, often refined feelings and images. The rigid, vorticose planimetric music, raised dynamics of the composition, discording sound, strengthen tragical merge of images as if Edward Muncha's pictures have found their voices displaying feebleness of the person before indifferent forces of life, love and death. .

Hapalochlaena_Maculosa - an embodiment of surrealism in the literature (" Surburbs of nothing " [not finished story]), the fine arts (pictures, photos), in music, and maybe in future in cinema: predilection for all freakish, irrational, mismatching the standards is characteristic.

Hapalochlaena_Maculosa, also, as well as Dali which with scrupulous accuracy, "credibility", wrote out each detail in the alogical pictures similar to dreadful dreams, aggravating impression of hallucination or delirium, immerses for a side of comprehension of a pain.

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2006-09-17 в 23:53 

Vaffanculo, amore mio
извините за оффтоп, но у вас в интересах указан Крисс Энжел, поэтому я хотела узнать, не хотите ли вы присоединиться к новому сообществу?

2007-01-06 в 17:54 


С новым Годом!

внимание!было открыто сообщество Криса Энджела, если вас интересует он и его творчество..то заходите http://www.diary.ru/~SeaSwan/


...this wicked world is breaking my soul...