Sometimes she frightened turned around and clunged to the woman, who had hurried steps.

- Soon will be end of our way, they hadn't time to get you, but they are coming faster than I thought - said the woaman.

They became to go up on the path, which was leading to the top of the mountain. Tarja didn't feel tired and lost track of time, which they walked to the top.Finally they reached a huge snowy open place. In one part of this place rose wind, and it meaned that here will be next view. After wind ended they were staying between the stage and backstage rooms. It looked like concert was just ended, because guys were very tired. Tarja came from stage and went to guys to embrace them, but to her surprise, all pulled away from her. Tuomas stepped forward,in his hands was an envelope.

-You said, I can't decide anything seriuos, I understood my mistake and decided to obey you, I think it will be better for all us, open it tomorrow. - he said and gave her the envelope.

Tarja took it and after standing a little near silent guys and gave them a not understanding look, she went to the dressing room.
All dissapeared. Now it was again a snow place. The woman turned to another side, so did Tarja and in this moment they became staing in room of the house. Here on the bed was sitting Tarja and reading the letter, which had given by Tuomas. At the begin all was normal, but soon tears turned from her eyes and when she ended reading she burst into crying and threw the letter. In hysterics she began to run across the room and threw from tables and a bedside tables all things, which were on it, not understanding what she was doing. At last fell down and started screaming:

- No!!!...NO!! He couldn't do it! IT WAS WHOLE MY LIFE!!!

After it she ran to the balcony. Standing on the window sill and opened the window, she was ready to make a step towards the death, but at this moment here ran Marcello and held her back. Tarja helplessly hung on his neck and only whispered:

- I didn't think that it is so easy to break down my life...he threw me out of the group...
- Dear, don't worry, everything will be ok, I promise, and I'm with you, this idiot hadn't understand what he had done!
- Don't call him like that...- she said and lost consciousness

All again dissapeared. Tarja with tears nervously asked:

- Why do you want me to watch it !? You want me to kill myself!? I'll do it if you want!
- You must to decide whom of them do you love.
- I don't know whom of them I love! How can I choise between them!?
- You love all them, but it's chance to chnage something...and to save life to one of them.
- LIFE!? but nobody from them deaded, what do you mean?
- No more questions. You must to go.

They came to the edge of a rock. Tarja looked down but she can see nothing, only the falling snow.

- You must to jump there - said the woman.
- JUMP!? THERE!? but than I'll die! We are on the top of the mountain!
- Jump.

Tarja closed her eyes and jumped from the rock.

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